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Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions with the Power of the Force

New Year’s resolutions are hard to keep. Feel the Force flowing through you this year with these helpful Star Wars quotes to keep you going when you’re heading into an asteroid field of challenges or sinking into a Dagobahn swamp of self-doubt!

"Do… or do not, there is no try."
Yoda, The Empire Strikes Back

The Geek's Guide to Dating Webseries: Matt & Stephanie

Welcome to The Geek's Guide to Dating Webseries!

From local bloggers to podcasters, indie video game developers to celebrated filmmakers, hard hitting journalists to award-winning storytellers, over the next few months geeks-of-all-kinds will be sharing their love stories and dishing out advice.

In this week's video, you'll meet Matt and Stephanie. Click play to listen to them talk about making movies, falling in love, and how Myspace is responsible for their relationship.

Five Resolutions Inspired By Books

January is the time for new year's resolutions, right? Going to the gym. Eating healthier. Calling your mom more often. Sure, those work. But, as book lovers, we should draw our inspiration from our favorite literature, right?

Crafting With Cat Hair: January's Quirk DIY Book Club Selection!

Hey there Quirk fans! Welcome to the Quirk DIY Book Club! This month's selection is Crafting With Cat Hair by Kaori Tsutaya

Same as last month, you can snag one of TEN free copies by entering the Rafflecopter below. Winners will receive a copy of the book, and will be encouraged to send in photos of their finished crafts, which we will post here on the Quirk blog at the end of the month. You'll also be invited to pin along with us on our Pinterest page.

New Year's Reading Resolutions

(image via flickr)

It's a new year, which means it's time to make resolutions that you plan to implement to better your life. Smoke less. Exercise more. Finally write the great American novel, while exercising, and resisting the urge to light up a get the point.

As bibliophiles, however, we make New Year's Resolutions that are largely—if not entirely—reading-related ones. And there's nothing wrong with that! Check out our ideas for some reading resolutions for 2014 below, and make sure to add your own in the comments!


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