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Scary Weekend Reading: Excerpts from Suburban Legends

Chances are, if you're a Quirk fan, you enjoy a good scary story. I mean, here at the Quirk HQ, we publish our fair share of them. The Pride & Prejudice & Zombies series, The Resurrectionist, Horrorstor, Bedbugs, Stuff Every College Student Should Know... the list goes on. 

Last October, we released an eBook exclusive reprint (ePrint?) of Suburban Legends by Sam Stall. A collection of creepy TRUE short stories of horror in the suburbs, it was a fun book to work on. And to promote it, we posted a number of excerpts on our Scribd page.

Since Halloween is quickly approaching, I figured we should give these to you guys once again. So here you go, four true stories of horror from the suburbs. 

Suburban Legends: Roadside Assistance

Suburban Legends: The Prime Time Poltergeiest

Suburban Legends: The Goatman Cometh

Suburban Legends: Guess What's Coming To Dinner?


Wilhelm Staehle's Hugs & Misses, Stars & Swipes: Bloggers, Request Your Review Copies!

Next month, we've got two very fancy books coming out, illustrated and written by Wilhelm Staehle. Stars & Swipes (pictured above) and Hugs & Misses

How to Dress Up as Olive From Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children

After I read Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children, I wanted to put together a costume inspired by the book. This story was so original I thought, especially with it’s creepy old photographs. I knew I couldn’t just pick any character; it had to be the little girl on the cover, Olive. Everyone would recognize the sullen levitating girl.
Everything was easy except for the dress. I had a dress that I kind of settled for. I couldn’t find the perfect one. Then it was like all the stars aligned and THE dress appeared on eBay exactly five days before I had to pack my suitcase and fly out to San Diego Comic Con, where I wanted to debut the outfit. I could not believe it. The same dress Olive is wearing! I know because I kept looking at the book and my screen a hundred times.
Ransom Riggs had a scheduled autograph signing and it was my intention to surprise the author. Everything turned out perfectly and I couldn’t have been happier.

How to Be Awesome At Reading a Horror Novel

Photo via Story World Central

In October, everyone—even those of you who aren’t horror fans—is tempted to read a creepy novel. Here are five steps to follow when reading a scary story. You’ll be terrified in no time.

Books That Go Bump in the Night: Creepy YA Gothic Reads

Horror, science fiction, fantasy, suspense—all these categories came from Gothic literature. I devour 18th and 19th-century Gothic literature, from Shelley and Bronte to Poe, Dickens to Lovecraft, and all the neo-Gothic works today like Susanna Clarke and Michael Cox and Diane Setterfield. Several YA authors are embracing neo-Gothic literature and sharing retellings of famous Gothic works or incorporating elements of Gothic literature—like terror, horror, transgression, and Byronic heroes—into their stories.
I could go on for ages, but then I’d just recap my graduate thesis.
This Halloween (this autumn and winter, really—let’s be honest, the dark months are the best months for horror!), curl up in your biggest, comfiest chair, turn out all the lights save for one, and immerse yourself in these chilling reads.

Worst-Case Wednesday: How To Beat Death At Chess

We've all heart about making deals with Death, but what about when Death just wants to relax? He has feelings, too, you know. When he's not swapping fame and fortune for unsuspecting souls, everyone knows Death likes to kick back with a friendly game of chess. Of course, he's been around for eternity, which means he has more than a few tricks up those sleeves of his. (And they are big sleeves.) This means you need to resort to some wilier tactics to win, but not to worry! We've got your back, thanks to The Worst-Case Scenario Handbook: Paranormal Edition.


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