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Characters Attending Westworld-Style Theme Parks

The main theme park in the new HBO show Westworld is centered around giving wealthy patrons a realistic (yet safe) western-style experience. The park is populated with very lifelike robotic “hosts” that are programmed to do whatever the attendees want.

Here are three characters who always seem strangely calm and collected, no matter what the situation is. So calm and collected it is almost as though they know they’re in a hyper-realistic simulation that cannot have any real world consequences for them.

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The Hundred-Acre Games

It’s time for the drawing. “Now, let us begin, or we shall be here all day,” Rabbit says as he crosses to the glass ball with all the names, each roughly scrawled in crayon. Rabbit reaches in, digs his hand deep into the ball with a great rustling and bustling and pulls out a slip of paper.


“Let it not be me,” Winnie-the-Pooh says deep inside his fluff-filled head. “Think it over, think it under. Think it true. It’s not me. It’s not me.”

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Letters to Santa from Fictional Characters

One of a kid's favorite activities is writing to Santa (well, except for those whose parents told them an AWFUL LIE). In honor of those fond memories, we imagined our favorite fictional characters’ letters to Santa.

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Literary References of Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life: Spring

Like most of you, we've been marathoning episodes of Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life. After nearly a decade away from Rory Gilmore and her voracious reading habits, we were eager to catch up with the residents of Stars Hollow and the books they’ve been devouring.

Mild spoilers ahead! Haven’t finished the series? Head over to Luke’s Diner and stream the rest of the show. We hear he’s giving out his wifi password now.

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8 Fictional Realities Imagined As Oculus Rift Games

When I was a kid, all I wanted was to be able to step through the pages of my favorite book into the world its words described. A common fantasy, right? But now that virtual reality devices are hitting the mainstream market, my dream isn’t so farfetched any more. VR headsets will be on sale in time for the holidays, which made us at Quirk wonder…what would it be like if someone made games featuring our favorite fictional realities?

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Coziest Homes in Literature

The clocks have changed, the days are dark, and there is no better time to curl up in a cozy nook with your favorite read. There is something so magical about a good book in front of a roaring fire, or in a warm and welcoming living room. The world just slips away. In some cases, you even get double the coziness when a book transports you to another warm and snuggly spot. We’ve rounded up our favorite fictional homes that are just perfect for chilly days.

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