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Three Fictional Places We'd Love to Visit (and Some Real-Life Alternatives)

As I’m sure many of you lovely readers have noticed, the summer is over. For some of you this may mean a return to high school or college, or maybe starting a new internship. For others, it might just mean that it’s fifty degrees cooler and now we can finally go outside.

But the end of summer doesn’t only bring cool fall weather, it’s also the beginning of what I like to call Travel Envy Season. Ah yes, the time of year when your Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook feeds are filled with pictures of getaways and exertions to far off lands, to either escape the cold or check out the autumn foilage. 

Except instead of wishing I were in Vermont or Colorado, I develop an intense desire to visit Narnia or Hobbiton. This may sound shocking, but it is nearly impossible to find a plane ticket to Narnia.

If this problem sounds familiar to you, today is your lucky day. With my summer travels all but finished, I have decided to fill the void by compiling a list of the five (mostly) fictional places I would love to visit, and their real-life counterparts. Hopefully some of these vacation destinations will end up on all of our itineraries next year!

September 6th is Read a Book Day: Here's How to Read a Book

Tomorrow is National Read a Book Day! To celebrate, we had our good friend Mike Rogalski whip up this handy tutorial on how to read a book. Mike is also the author of Quirk's Masterpuppet Theater.

Enjoy! And be sure to check out Mike's design company, Eyewash

Meet Michele Chen Chock at Hello Kitty Con in October!

Get excited, Hello Kitty fans! Quirk Books author Michele Chen Chock is heading to the first-ever Hello Kitty Con on October 30th, to dish out her secrets on how to decorate your very own Hello Kitty cookies from her upcoming cookbook, The Hello Kitty Baking Book.

Planning to attend? Interested in learning how to decorate your own cookies? Act fast! There are a limited amount of seats in each workshop. Details below! 

Bookish Events in Philadelphia: September 6th - 12th

Ah, early September. When the cicadas buzz like jukebox dancers at last call, the lattes all turn pumpkin, and the world gets back to business. In addition to enjoying great Philly readings, it's time to get register for workshops and literary good deeds for the year. Your bookish events for September 6-12. 

Five of the Greatest Grandparents in Children’s Fantasy Books

From Little Red Riding Hood to Heidi, grandparents have always been an important part of fantasy.
Sometimes acting as surrogate parents, they’re authority figures who are still kind and understanding to a young protagonist, or they're partners in crime who nevertheless dispense some much-needed wisdom (and homemade goodies). When your parents are too strict and won’t let you go to the Enchanted Forest at night, who is there to help leave the back door unlocked?
When your evil teacher is threatening the family of fairies who live in the walls, who builds a fairy-sized bungalow in their attic and welcomes the new family to the neighbourhood?
Grandparents, that’s who. 
And so, in honor of the relatives who will always have your back, here are five of my personal favorites from children’s fantasy literature. 


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