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Seven Rockin' Bookish Songs for Karaoke

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Just because bookworms prefer to spend most of their time alone, with books, in adequately-lit spaces doesn't mean that we don't occasionally go out (or get dragged out) for some old-fashioned good-times havin'. And nothing is more old-fashioned or good-timesy than the Japanese art of karaoke.

But don't let the tiny rooms, hard-to-read lyrics, and potential for public humiliation hold you back, fellow readers! Here are seven songs about our favorite pasttime guaranteed to bring down the you can sneak back to your reading nook.

The Book-Lover's Guide to Covertly Reading During a Super Bowl Party

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Ah, that most American, sportastic of diversions: the Super Bowl! What could be more thrilling, entertaining, and vaguely ritualistic than a bunch of quarterbacks dribbling the ol’ pigskin down the Football Court to make the crucial penalty basket and break the love-love tie?


Are You Ready For Some Football... Adaptations? Six Screen Faves

Super Bowl XLVII is upon us (in the Meadowlands, no less), and in honor of this beer-sodden event, I’ve compiled a list of football movies to get you in the first-and-ten spirit. But these aren’t your average sports flicks.  Instead, all have been adapted from books—both fiction and nonfiction. So if you really want to sound smart while scarfing down those suicide-spicy Buffalo wings on February 2nd, sample some of the required reading below.

Super Bowl Party Prep: Spicy Black Bean Dip

The Super Bowl may be America’s greatest unofficial holiday. An entire day devoted to eating, drinking, and watching TV with friends and family. Could there be a more American day?

Super Bowl Sunday is the largest food consumption event of the year, trailing only Thanksgiving. It’s so treasured that over 130 million Americans will spend over $55 million dollars on food for the Super Bowl. That’s a lotta chips and guacamole, as in over 15,000 tons of chips and 50 millions pounds of avocadoes.

A good Super Bowl party will have chips and guacamole. A great Super Bowl party will have several chips ‘n dips. One of them should be this Spicy Black Bean Dip. Here’s why: It’s simple to make. It’s vegetarian, which means you can eat more of it while still feeling virtuous. And most importantly, it’s chunky, making it supremely scoop-able with chips.

Super Bowl Party Prep: White Cheese Nachos With Black Beans, Salsa and Jalapeños

Look to the nachos, folks. Look to the nachos. This recipe makes a white nacho cheese sauce instead of the traditional yellow. Black beans add contrast, fiber and a bit more protein. Ok, the jalapenos are green and the salsa red, so there are more colors here than just black and white, but you get the point.

Find Momo: The Book Trailer (Plus A Book & Poster Giveaway!)

Find Momo, a book featuring the Instagram-famous, hide-and-seek-loving border collie Momo, snuggles up into bookstores everywhere this Spring. And we just can't wait.


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