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How to Be Awesome at Sneaking In More Reading Time (Without Getting Fired)

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My friends know me as The Reader. They never call me this to my face, but my phone is filled with texts asking for book recommendations, silences are filled with questions about what I’m reading, and folks who come over to my apartment often leave with something from my library tucked under their arm. (I’ve lost more books than I care to admit this way.) Since 2010, I’ve read fifty-two books a year. Give or take.  I just love books so much, guys.

Over the years, I’ve read magazine articles and blog posts listing ways to sneak in more reading time. And they’re great. But recently, I’ve been seeing tips that include keeping an ebook open on your desktop at work or going for a “cigarette break” with your novel. And I know that if I tried to pull something like that at work, I’d be called into a meeting to discuss my job performance. So here are some ways I sneak reading into my day – without getting fired.

Put Down That Smartphone: Books for Social Media Blackout Day


Hey! You! Get off the Internet! Haven't you heard? It's Social Media Blackout Day is almost here, a special occasion in which we solemnly reflect upon our lives by returning to a a simpler time of less technological advancement and find respite in the lack of constant sensory overload.

Wait, what do you mean, you haven't heard? Hasn't it been all over Tw — er, maybe you saw it on Fa — no, that's not right. I could have sworn that someone pinned it on — or did they reblog through — wait, how'd you even get here anywhere if it's supposed to be Social Media Blackout Day and you're supposed to be blacked out from Social Media?!

Logical fallacies aside, here are some great books that deal with Internet and social media. Now get off the Internets, kid!  

Worst-Case Wednesday: How To Brew A Magic Potion

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Do you spend most of your time on Pottermore trying to brew the perfect potion? It's a tricky business, but you know you can do it. Or maybe you're already a potion-making whiz, in which case you're ready to move beyond the computer screen and into making them in real life. If that's true, have we got the guide for you! Thanks to The Worst-Case Scenario Handbook: Paranormal Edition, you can now learn how to brew your own magic potion.

Fun Times at New York Comic Con 2014!

And we are back!

If you follow us on Twitter (you should!) you might have noticed this weekend was full of costumes, book signings, and lots of good times. We were at New York Comic Con, and the Quirk crew had a blast.

How To Tuesday: Making Snacks Shaped Like the Fictional Characters We're Obsessed With

We all experience the same feeling that you get when you’re finished reading a book or watching a TV series.
Something inside of you died a little, and now you have to go through the entire grieving process to fully accept that your favorite character (Harry, Edward, Katniss, or whoever) isn’t your real-life beau or BFF. They’re fictional. (Yes they are. I know, I know, shh.)
But I come bearing good news! Baker-bloggers all around the world go through this too, and they can teach us how to eat—er, bake—your fictional loves! 


This week, the bookish events are jubilant, edible, and (literally) steamy.

Gentle readers, what exactly do you do with this wealth of literary goodies every week? This cornucopia of ink-scented delights? If this list leads you to your new favorite local author or bookstore, let us know in the comments or @apiarymagazine on Twitter.


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