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How-to Tuesday: A DIY Dr. Seuss Diaper Cake for Baby Showers

Oh the places you’ll go with this very simple, stunning baby shower decoration. If your favorite parents-to-be are throwing a bookish baby shower, this diaper cake will add a magical touch to the event. This project is completely customizable; you can design it after a certain Seuss book (we chose The Lorax) or swap the colors for a general red, white, and blue The Cat in the Hat motif. The part your parent-to-be will appreciate the most? The fact that no diapers were harmed in the making of this cake and they can break it down to use to diapers as they need them!

Bookish Events in New York City: April 28th–May 1

The final week of April offers quite a few opportunities to celebrate National Poetry Month, including the Party Like a Poet bash at Housing Works on Tuesday, and readings by Jorie Graham and Dorothea Lasky on Wednesday and Thursday. Bring your toughest grammar questions to BookCourt on Tuesday and pose them to copy editor extraordinaire, Mary Norris. Make sure to tweet at us and let us know where you went!

Awesome Racebent Harry Potter Fan Art (And Why Racebending Matters)

As April comes to an end, many of us remember two things: exams that we forgot to study for (oops!) and the Battle of Hogwarts that stole many young wizards’ lives on May 2nd, 1998. But weep not, dear Harry Potter fans! Our loveable heroes will forever live in our hearts, in our fictions and fanarts, in whatever form we like to remember them best, for all eternity.

But sometimes how we—writers, artists, and cosplayers—portray a character doesn’t fit the mold mass media has carved out for him or her. Fan artists have long illustrated their favorite characters according their own artistic vision, but now some illustrators are creating art that portrays the magnificent trio as an array of races and colors to mirror diversity of their fans.

This niche in fandom is called “racebending"—when a character is seen as an ethnicity other than as described in the canonical works—and it's produced some of the best fan works in all of tumblrdom. Read on to see more!

Bookish Events in Philadelphia: April 24–April 30

image via flickr

Do you like haiku?
We've got some news about a
Slam on Saturday.

Hey, are you a geek?
We've got some news about an
Open mic next week too.

Poetry month is
Not over yet, people of

Poems and stories,
Live and in-person, here are
Your Bookish Events.

Literary Inception: Seven Books Found Within Books

Great storytellers create worlds for readers to escape within. Sometimes these worlds contain multiple layers, and you may find yourself in a story within a story. In some cases, we’re talking an entire book inside of the one you’re reading. (Yo dawg, we heard you liked books, etc.) Here are seven great examples:

Where's Momo? Announcing the Find Momo Coast to Coast Book Tour

This May, Andrew Knapp and his adorable dog Momo are climbing into their 1977 VW van and hitting the road on a cross-country book tour to promote their latest book, Find Momo Coast to Coast (have you entered the pre-order campaign yet?). Andrew and Momo will chat with fans, sign books (with both autographs and pawtographs!), and share Momo-themed stories. 

Human and canine friends are welcome! Check out the dates below, and come say hi!

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