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Clue: The Literary Edition

We at Quirk love a good board game almost as much as we love a good book. (Okay, maybe not quite as much as a good book.) So naturally, why can't we have both? Each month, we're going to reimagine a classic board game with a literary twist. First up, Clue!

Ah detective, you're here, excellent! The seminar, Life As A Fictional Character, taught by John Body at J.K. Rowling’s secret mansion has been interrupted by a ruckus. Which is to say...a murder! We need you to use your world famous detective skills and search the six rooms for clues to solve the mystery of who…where…and with what?   

Welcome to Literary Clue where the police have six possible suspects detained for questioning!

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The Camp Plot-a-Wanna Store, Plus Giveaway!

At Camp Plot-a-Wanna, we want our campers to represent this esteemed institution with pride and dignity, guts and gumption. When one puts on a Plot-a-wanna t-shirt, he or she is not just a camper wearing a t-shirt. NAY, they are a warrior for canonical literature. They are soliders in a metaphorical battlefield littered with the bodies of bad metaphors. So check out the Camp Plot-a-Wanna Camp Store today for your camp gear needs! With our emblem emblazoned across your shirt, notebook, tote bag or mug, run-on sentences will stop dead in their tracks, and no writer's block will go unchopped.

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Quirk Comics Club: July Recommendations

The gang at Quirk have been congregating for a monthly comic book club. Check out some of our favorite finds and recommendations from our July meet-up(s):

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Star Trek The Next Generation's Most Outlandish Outfits

It can be difficult to design costumes for a science fiction series. Your characters must be wearing something believable, but the outfit also must convey how very alien this new world is. Some shows get it right, but for others, like the Star Trek franchise, there’s a long-standing tradition of questionable fashion choices. Whether it’s the Barbarella-esque Sexy Alien Girl of the WeekTMon the Original Series, or the Klingon’s cabaret biker look in the later shows, fans have come to expect the ridiculous. Star Trek: The Next Generation in particular managed to sneak in some of the best (worst) fashions of them all. 

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Best Bookish Week in NYC: July 27th - 31st

Photo courtesy of NYC Parks

Even though NYC will be in the midst of a heat wave next week, there are still plenty of cool literary events to attend. This week offers the opportunity to celebrate a ton of debut novelists, the chance to see cool art, as well as to learn about niche musical subcultures. Make sure to tweet at us (@QuirkBooks) to let us know where you went!

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6 Must-Read Books Featuring Transgender Protagonists

If Caitlyn Jenner has taught us anything in the short time since she transitioned, it is that the world is very much ready to discuss, and hopefully embrace, the transgender community. From Laverne Cox on Orange Is The New Black to Jenner’s Diane Sawyer interview and reality show, transgender individuals—and particularly trans*women—have never been more represented in television. And we have a feeling the publishing world is soon to follow. Before we see a boom in much-deserved transgender books hitting the shelves, we thought we’d take a moment to point out the trailblazers who are already out there.

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