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Stuff Every College Student Should Know Only $1.99, Featured as an Amazon Gold Box Deal

Every now and again, someone who works here at Quirk Books will roll up their sleeves and write a book themselves. Rick Chillot's debut, How to Make Your Baby an Internet Celebrity, is coming out soon, and he's an editor here at Quirk. Our president, Brett Cohen, wrote Stuff Every Man Should Know (also this book and this book). 

When she isn't busy editing books and coming up with outrageous blog posts, Blair Thornburgh also likes to write them. Her first book with Quirk, Stuff Every College Student Should Know, came out in March. And today, you can pick it up for only $1.99 on Amazon's epic Gold Box sale. 

Grab it for $1.99 here, today only!

Quirk Perks: Get The Jane Austen Handbook for Only $3.99 This Month!

THE JANE AUSTEN HANDBOOK by Margaret C. Sullivan


Long before Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, Quirk published this guide to life in Regency England to the delight of Austen fans everywhere. Newly published with a revised cover, The Jane Austen Handbook offers step-by-step instructions for proper comportment in the early 19th century. Readers will discover:

Quirk Perks: Get Yum-Yum Bento Box for Only $3.99 All Month!

YUM-YUM BENTO BOX by Crystal Watanabe


Oh, boy-obento! These cute, yummy, healthy lunches are all the rage in Japan, where mothers think of them as an expression of love for their children. Yum-Yum Bento Box is one of the first cookbooks in English devoted to these healthy and adorable meals–they’re fresh, they’re tasty, and they’re almost too cute to eat!
Each step-by-step recipe in Yum-Yum Bento Box is simple and adaptable. Readers will learn how to form their favorite foods into a variety of shapes-from zebras, panda bears, and monkeys to kitties, piggies, and puppy dogs. Chapters include instructions for classic bento boxes and character-driven bentos (called Kyaraben), plus shopping advice, general tips and tricks, and much more. Stop wasting money on prepackaged lunches-and start making beautiful, healthy bentos!

Bookish Events in Philadelphia This Week: August 30th - September 5th

Lots of fun things going on in town the next few days! Movie screenings, book releases, museum exhibits and more! Check out the roundup, below!

This Saturday, August 30th, the Free Library of Philadelphia is screening HAMLET as part of their Shakespeare Film Series. It's the 1993 one, with Mel Gibson. Screening starts at 11AM at the Northeast Regional Library

Sunday, August 31st, is your last chance to catch the amazing Joyce Haunted by Shakespeare exhibit at the Rosenbach Museum. The exhibit explores Joyce's Ulysses and how it was influenced by Shakespeare's plays. 

On Wednesday, September 3rd, the Philadelphia Shakespeare Theater is premiering iHamlet. It's part of this year's Philadelphia Fringe Festival, and is a "unique one-person [performance of] Hamlet." 

Also on Wednesday, September 3rd, the crew at Locust Moon Comics in West Philadelphia are celebrating the release of Quarter Moon's fourth anthology, Waters. There's a rumor there will be a kiddie pool in the backyard of the comic book shop. I believe it. 

Okay, one more Wednesday event. On Wednesday, September 3rd, you can catch a book-to-movie screening of Life of Pi at Big Blue Marble books. Afterwards, hangout, and talk about it. 

Come Thursday, September 4th, our good friends over at Head & the Hand Press are celebrating the release of their latest book, Blowin' It. The party will be at Bourbon and Branch, and will feature some seriously tasty brews. Also, a reading! And books for sale! This blogger will see you there. 

Frankenstein Day: A Simple Guide to Celebrate Mary Shelley's Masterpiece

August 30th, 2014 marks Mary Shelley’s 217th birthday and what has become known as Frankenstein Day.
Frankenstein was always one of my favorite books to teach, and it was fun to go crazy with it around Halloween. One year my students were treated to watching a “Grow Your Own Monster” that I picked up for a dollar get pretty scary as it took over a grimy jar of water.

Like Strangers On a Crashing Plane: Six Important Words, One Tattooed Reminder

[Edt. Note: Last week, we spotted Patrick Fedo tweeting about his tattoo. A tattoo that features a line from Ben H. Winters' The Last Policeman. We invited him to blog about it. Thanks for sharing with us, Patrick!]
When I discovered The Last Policeman by Ben H. Winters, I was instantly hooked. A noir-style murder mystery set in the pre-apocalypse? Sign me up. A refreshing take on both story and setting. But as I continued to read the series, the question "What's the point in solving a murder when the world is ending?" slowly started to reveal the true allegory at the core of this trilogy.
By the end of the third book, bleak and gray as it is, we finally get to the root message of Detective Henry Palace and his nobleman's journey. Throughout the series, Palace was often chided for his persistence in his goals. But then I realized, we're all Hank Palace. We're doomed the same fate. The world is going to end and we only get one go 'round on this blue marble. And in the short time we have, we're here to give each other strength and love, as Winters writes, "like strangers on a crashing plane."
Those six words are so important. Not only do they sum up the point of the books, those words sum up the point of life. So I had to get them tattooed, as a constant reminder to love and give strength, because we're all on our own crashing plane.


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