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Holiday Party Guides: Candied Vanilla Popcorn

All this month, we're cracking open Quirk Throws You Five Awesome Parties for how-tos to help your holiday party by THE GREATEST. This week, Candied Vanilla Popcorn is on the menu. You can find this recipe in Pure Vanilla

This sweet and salty treat may disappear moments after you set it out for your guests! For an edible party decoration, add a few drops of food coloring to the sugar syrup and then pile the popcorn in tall glass jars.

How to Knit an Ugly Christmas Sweater For Your Books

The ugly sweater: in our time there is no fonder tradition of the holiday season than donning some yarn-crafted atrocity meant to be fun and festive. And the book lovers of the world are not to be left out! This year, knit an ugly sweater for your favorite novel/ereader, your travel reading as you visit relatives, or as the best possible wrapping for a book you plan to give as a gift. Use this Quirk Books exclusive pattern to make your own!

NYC Lit Events: December 15th - 21st

Despite the rapidly approaching holidays, literary events in NYC show no signs of slowing down. This week brings opportunities to see legends like Neil Gaiman and Robert Gober, applaud the sartorial choices of awesome teen girls, and celebrate the power of the selfie. Rounding out the week will be the epic reading of A Christmas Carol by some of New York’s most beloved writers.


Covers from Jane Austen to Cover

Welcome to the penultimate episode of our Northanger Abbey recap! It took a while, but we’ve finally made it to the eponymous Abbey! What horrors and mysteries lay in wait? Let’s find out.

How to Be Awesome at Getting a Geeky Tattoo

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We at Quirk fully support getting tattoos of amazing things (just ask Eric about his epic Jules Verne tattoo). If you really, truly, ohmyGodIcan’tstopthinkingaboutit love something about your fandom (and you’re not afraid of needles,) a tattoo is the perfect way to wear your heart on (the skin beneath) your sleeve.


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