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Delicious Ways to Bring Hello Kitty into Your Kitchen

We've got a bit of Hello Kitty fever over at Quirk Books. Can't help it - awesome stuff like The Hello Kitty Baking Book and Hello Kitty Crochet are out, and we can't get enough of the adorable character. Those cake pops featured above? Totally from Hello Kitty Baking. 

Bookish Events in Philadelphia: October 18th - 24th

One of the pleasures of writing the Bookish Event report is the tour through this city's amazing literary venues. This week we wend through a radical community center, a private club for writers, and a place called The Shambles! Enjoy the earlier dusks, reddening leaves, and the return of the 215 Festival, among other seasonal joys.

On Saturday, October 18, from 2-10 p.m., you can help spread the bookish love to incarcerated folks in the Mid Atlantic region at the Fundraiser for Books Through Bars at Lavaspace. Get a t-shirt screen-printed, hear performances by local authors and musicians, and give to an important cause.  4134 Lancaster Ave,

Have you ever been to the Pen and Pencil Club, secret Rittenhouse lair of Philly journalists? No? Ok, then go to the Pen and Pencil Poetry Reading on Sunday, October 19, featuring Philly faves Anne-Adele Wight, Ryan Eckes and Sidney Hunt Coffin. The oldest bartender in the world will serve you a mean cheesesteak if you ask nicely. 8 p.m., 1522 Latimer St.

Fantasy Novels to Treat Your Game of Thrones Withdrawal

With a little less than half a year to go before HBO brings us new episodes of Game of Thrones (but hey, who’s counting?) many fans are experiencing classic symptoms of withdrawal.

Oh My Goth: A Roundup of Modern Day Gothic Literature

Recipe for traditional Gothic literature: take one part decay (of surroundings, society) and add a heaping dose of repression. Next? A few dashes of melodrama, a sprinkling (or, in some instances, a whole cup) of romance, and one fall from grace. Shake well, top with a floater of eeeevil, and imbibe on a Scottish moor.

Everything Is Terrifying at The Strand Bookstore

The Quirk team had a great time catching up with Grady Hendrix, author of Horrorstor, at New York Comic Con last weekend. And I seriously can't wait for more of you to meet him. 
And well, here's a chance for you! At least, for you New York City folks. 
On October 27th, just in time for Halloween, some of the biggest names in horror fiction will be talking about the things that scare them. The Strand Bookstore is hosting EVERYTHING IS TERRIFYING, a special event with a number of awesome people involved in the horror community. Along with our own Grady Hendrix, guests will meet Laird Barron, Ellen Datlow, John Langan, Sarah Langan, and J.T. Petty. 
In addition to the event details on the Strand's website, you can RSVP for the event on Facebook. Let Grady know you're coming! 

How to Be Awesome at Sneaking In More Reading Time (Without Getting Fired)

Photo via Blogging Cage

My friends know me as The Reader. They never call me this to my face, but my phone is filled with texts asking for book recommendations, silences are filled with questions about what I’m reading, and folks who come over to my apartment often leave with something from my library tucked under their arm. (I’ve lost more books than I care to admit this way.) Since 2010, I’ve read fifty-two books a year. Give or take.  I just love books so much, guys.

Over the years, I’ve read magazine articles and blog posts listing ways to sneak in more reading time. And they’re great. But recently, I’ve been seeing tips that include keeping an ebook open on your desktop at work or going for a “cigarette break” with your novel. And I know that if I tried to pull something like that at work, I’d be called into a meeting to discuss my job performance. So here are some ways I sneak reading into my day – without getting fired.


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