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  • A Quiet Place is now out in theaters and while we’re all sufficiently frightened by the trailer, we’re also kind of in love with the fact that the movie’s stars – Emily Blunt and John Krasinski – are married and working together for the very first time. (Okay, we’re not just “kind of in love” with that. We’re full on in love. You know how much we love Emily Blunt.) To celebrate the film’s release, we thought it would be fun to showcase some of our other favorite couples and the work they’ve created together. Forget #relationshipgoals, this is all about #collaborationgoals.

  • They say best friends are never more than a phone call away. But It’s 2018, so we should probably revise that to “never more than a FaceTime, Snapchat, or VR sesh away.” Even then, these fancy new methods of keeping in touch really only apply if you exist in the same dimension as your bestie, which to be frank, might not always be the case. Before passing away, Stephen Hawking co-published a final paper on the possibility of a multiverse, prompting us to wonder, can we really even say who our true best friends are? For all we know, they might not even exist in the same time or space. We tested the theory, and sure enough, in the case of these pop culture and literary icons, their perfect matches weren’t even found in the same story, let alone universe.

  • We love heroines above all, be them scorned, femme fatale, or, yes, plucky. And while we’re in love with the choices our favorite heroines make, we sometimes find ourselves wondering what would happen if they’d done things a little differently.

  • Ivy Noelle Weir started her bookish career at nineteen years old, when a reference librarian at the local library caught her crying in an alleyway after learning that the coffee shop where she worked was going to be abruptly shut down. He offered her a job as a circulation clerk, and what started as a part-time way to pay the bills turned into an award-winning career in librarianship and eventually, a Master’s Degree in library science. Ivy also holds a degree in art history, helps to manage The Valkyries and Valkyries Valhalla (two international organizations of female nerd professionals with over 800 combined members), speaks at events and conferences nationwide about comics and pop culture, and just celebrated the release of her first graphic novel, Archival Quality (about a haunted library, of course). Since coming to Quirk’s publicity and marketing department in 2016, she has worked with librarians, bloggers, and comic con attendees to spread the word about Quirk titles.

  • This one is for all the badass girls out there. Yes, we're talking about you. We created this girl-powered zine with you in mind. The zine includes an exclusive sneak peek at our upcoming book Girls Resist!, quizzes, an advice column, and more. Will you join the Geek E. Girl Revolution?

    Check out the excerpt below. To download the full zine, click here!

  • Yesterday was Waffle Day and while there’s no greeting card to commemorate this very silly holiday, there are several Parks and Rec moments that remind us to make Waffle Day every day. We’re looking back at all seven seasons of Parks and Rec and celebrating our very favorite waffle moments. It’s what Leslie Knope would have wanted.


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