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  • If you love cartoons or video games, you may have “heard” the people on this list. Their impressive voices set them apart as voice actors in media. But there is one market we are here at Quirk are dying for them to try: Audiobooks.


  • From The Nineties documentary on CNN, to action movies like The Mummy, to Steven Spielberg reviving the Animaniacs cartoon, to radio stations switching to all Hip Hop Throwbacks, to Netflix rebooting everything from Full House to The Gilmore Girls, nineties nostalgia is everywhere lately. But one show not likely to make its way back on air with its cast in tack is an infamously well-paid group of Friends.

    Collectively bargaining for $1 million per actor per episode fifteen years ago, means Jennifer Aniston and co. would likely demand a much higher price tag than NBC could ever afford. (Only the actors of The Big Bang Theory have hit the $1 million threshold since, and that’s in current dollars.) So we may never know if Ross and Rachel, or Monica and Chandler, stay together, but that doesn’t mean we can’t daydream about what the “Must See TV” classic would look like if rebooted for the Millennial Generation.

    So let’s imagine Friends set in 2017 Manhattan and all the elements that would drastically change (especially the establishing shots of the World Trade Center).


  • When The X-Files TV show premiered in 1993, cutting-edge technology included cell phones, the computer game Doom, and the Internet (yes! The Internet!). It's been 24 years since Special Agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully first tackled the strangest situations in the FBI caseload. Since then, we've seen the invention of the DVD, the iPhone, social networking platforms, and the Internet of Things.

    But what if X-Files hadn't premiered until this year? How would the show have unfolded its complex storyline? Plenty of the scrapes Mulder and Scully landed themselves in wouldn’t have turned out the way Chris Carter intended. After all, the 2016 reboot showed us that Mulder and Scully's world would have been vastly different with modern technology.

    Let's take a look at five episodes that would have ended much differently if Mulder and Scully were first cracking cases today.


  • Photo credit: Courtney Apple

    As part of our #PeculiarSummer, Quirk publisher Jason Rekulak answered questions from Twitter about the process of editing the blockbuster Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children series. Here are Jason’s thoughts on some of the most popular questions.

  • Kelsey Hoffman is a publicist and blogger liaison at Quirk. Since joining the company she has worked on campaigns for books like The Legion of Regrettable Supervillains, Literary Yarns, How to Eat a Lobster, and Cat Castles. She’s also obsessed with Instagram, and currently runs Quirk’s account (@QuirkBooks) as well as her own (@tehkelsey).

  • On August 12, 30 B.C.E., Cleopatra VII Philopater died in what we now call Egypt. You might be familiar with Cleopatra because of her renowned wit and intelligence, her beauty, and the way she died. When her enemy Octavian won the Battle of Actium, Cleopatra killed herself in the most metal way possible by inducing an asp (a highly poisonous snake) to bite her.


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