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  • Tempt your friends with this tantalizing spicy, sweet- sour sauce, perfect for dipping crispy Asian-inspired wontons. The zing in the tangy sauce compliments the scrumptious little treats packed with ground meat goodness. Make them ahead, pop them in the freezer and when the party starts, drop them in a hot pan for a quick, tempestuous treat.

    What better way to get on everyone’s “nice” list for the holidays!

  • On a chilly Winter afternoon, a bunch of us at the Quirk Books HQ decided it was time to show our support for the Taft 2012 movement. We spent some time decorating our office with posters, bunting, and campaign signs. 

    Oh, and we also shot a video

    Want to decorate YOUR office with Taft 2012 decor? Visit the Taft 2012 website and learn how you can start your own local Taft party

  • Edgar Allan Bro by Joseph Toschlog

    Back in July we announced a Broetry contest, asking broets and broettes in training to submit their own broems to our esteemed Broet Laurette, Brian McGackin.

    Stacey Graham (soon to be a Quirk author with her upcoming Zombie Tarot) sent in a piece entitled Hello, My Name Is. "Dedicated to all the boys [she] dated with their hats turned backwards and unfortunate tribal arm tattoos," this was Brian's favorite of the bunch. So here it is.

    Hello, My Name Is:
    To the girl I puked upon
    Your shoes were really nice

    Your hair it smelled like lavender
    Though you had to wash it twice

    I think you are the one for me, a candle to my flame
    But the morning rears its head and I can't recall your name

    Well done Stacey.

  • On Small Business Saturday, I spent a few hours in a very large business, a Barnes & Noble to be exact!

    But in the spirit of “small,” I was there to facilitate some crafting sessions in support of Microcrafts, your go-to guide for teeny tiny DIY-ing. Barnes & Noble had set us up with some basic supplies and we came ready with a makeshift Christmas “tree” (lots of branches inside a vase) from which we hung many of the book’s crafts, including mini books, owls, houseplant macramé holders, quilled ornaments, and bottle caps.

    After signing all of the store’s copies of Microcrafts, we got down to our small business: making one of the book’s projects, little greeting cards and envelopes by paper-pro Larissa Holland. Only 2 inches in size, these cards and envelopes are perfect for adorning your Christmas gifts or for slipping notes of the non-text-message variety.

    All you need are some cardstock or wrapping paper and a little creativity! Well, and scissors and glue. Adults and kids alike enjoyed getting crafty amidst their book-shopping and Starbucks-sipping. Now if only the U.S. Post Office would let us mail these diminutive Christmas cards…

    Check out some more pictures from the event on the Quirk Books Flickr page!

  • With all the indulging these holidays, wouldn’t it be nice if you showed up to a party with the healthiest dish? One of the healthiest grains, brown rice, was used in this casserole.

    This is a versatile side that can double as an entrée too, with its combined flavors of nutty brown rice, two hearty sausages, various vegetables, crisp almonds and broth. Just the thing to complement roasts or salads anytime of the year.

  • Believe it or not, that's a Kindle case.

    You seldom spot anyone at the Quirk HQ without his or her trusty iPads. Whether we’re rocking out to our respective iTunes playlists at our desks, playing intense games of Angry Birds during lunch, or reading using the iPad’s Kindle App, Apple’s handy tablet is always within reach.


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