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  • We're in there someplace. Photo via NY Daily Photo.

    As I write this, several Quirk Books employees are busy chatting it up with folks at the New York International Gift Fair.

    That's right, we're there right now and we'll stay through February 2nd, meeting and greeting people at booth #7549, 9am to 6pm (except Thursday when the show is only open until noon). We're showing off some hot-off-the-press Spring 2012 titles and previewing selections from the just announced Fall 2012 list.

    And for those of you eager for giveaways and swag (because why else would you come to a convention?), we've brought a number of the infamously cute Quirk tote bags with us.

    Swing by and make sure you say hi to our fabulous in-house sales duo, Moneka and Mia!

  • Nothing else is sweeter than cooking dinner for the one you love, especially on Valentine's Day. This pasta dish is incredibly simple to make, yet superb in all the right ways. You only need a few basic ingredients, a good bottle of wine (or two!), and of course, that special someone to cook for.

    I guarantee this dish will make the evening very special.

  • Muggles Are Our Friends by Kate Moore

    I love the look of reimagined World War II propoganda art. Unsure of what they look like? ThinkGeek has an awesome selection of them, with artwork depicting the fictional worlds of Star Trek, Battlestar Galactica, and video games.

    Kate Moore, a favorite printmaker of mine known as Blimpcat on Etsy, has created a number of WWII propoganga posters inspired by the universe of Harry Potter. "I like to imagine what it would look like if both sides had their say (rather than just He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named's people)," says Kate on the Etsy pages for the prints.

    The prints are 11x17" and "digitally printed on heavy, high-quality glossy cardstock." She stamps and numbers all of her prints individually, so you know you're getting something special.

    Have a look at some more of the prints after the break, and be sure to visit Kate's Etsy shop. I own all of her Portal 2 prints, and she does great work.

    BlimpCat []

  • Happy Birthday, Dawson's Creek!

    Today (January 20th) marks the 14th anniversary of its premiere on The WB. The show introduced the world to the future Mrs. Tom Cruise, a future multiple Academy Award nominee, a future sci-fi fan favorite... and James Van Der Beek.

    On this date back in 1998, we met 4 hyper-aware teenagers living in the fictional town of Capeside, MA. Joey, the proverbial girl next-door, climbed through Dawson's bedroom window looking for comfort and refuge from her depressed family life. Dawson, oblivious to her intentions, daydreamed about being the next Spielberg and pined for Jennifer, the new neighbor. Jennifer, exiled to Capeside for her bad girl behavior, was seeking a fresh start by moving in with her Grams. And, Pacey, always looking to stir the pot, was seducing his high school teacher. Good times.

    Over the course of six seasons, Dawson, Joey, Pacey and Jennifer debated life and love with a maturity and vocabulary that showed a wisdom beyond their teenage years. So, what better way to mark this anniversary than to present 'Creek Wisdom'...

  • On the evening of Tuesday, January 17th, I gathered at the Tattered Cover Book Store in Denver to celebrate the release of my debut novel, Taft 2012.

    Tattered Cover is a Denver institution as well as being one of the finest booksellers in America, and it was an honor to be their guest. The crowd was amazing--must have been at least a hundred people there, and not even all of them were my family!--and despite my nervousness I was somehow able to keep people from fleeing.

    But in all seriousness, I couldn't have imagined a better book launch. Thanks to everyone who came!

  • Have you welcomed the Year of the Dragon yet? Well, these Asian-inspired spicy ribs are as powerful and mighty as a dragon. Superior flavors of sweet hoisin sauce blended with fierce red pepper flakes make this an ideal meal to celebrate the Year of the Dragon.

    Simply bake the covered ribs until the succulent meat nearly falls off. Then uncover and roast quickly with the sweet-spiced glaze. Serve hot with steamed white rice, and you’ll rule! Just like a dragon!


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