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  • It’s not easy being dead. Well, nearly dead. Zombies are licking the windows and once they figure out that whole doorknob thing, we’re just a bucket of elbows ready to be slurped down by the undead. But, until then, the Zombie Tarot can help with your more pressing questions of love, money and career so why not kill time before the genius missing half a braincase figures out the dog door.

    The tarot is a snapshot of future: what cards you draw today will give you a good picture of what’s staggering down the road. Remember that you have the ability to mix it up a little, your fate is not set it stone, so if there are clouds on the horizon and zombies making you a bit stabby, gird your loins and either get ready to rumble or prepare to be a delicious snack.

  • Another year, another con. San Diego Comic Con 2012 was another resounding success.

    The booth looked great. We sold a ton of books. We had a successful book signing. We spotted some celebrities. And, saw some pretty great costumes. See the gallery below for a bunch of our photos.

  • The end of the world used to seem so cool. I’d get to go days without shaving, acquire a cool long coat, and sleep on a cot next to pallets of canned soup and a loaded shotgun. Plus, everyone would dress like the Legion of Doom. What’s not to love?

    Then I had kids.

  • Primarily known for his contribution to dystopian literature with his publication of Brave New World, Aldous Huxley helped shape the world of literature, especially science fiction.

    However, his involvement in culture within and outside the literary realm is far more substantial than one may initially think.

    To commemorate Huxley on his birthday (born 118 years ago), here are some fun facts about his life:

  • For the chocoholic in all of us, a slight twist on a classic ice cream flavor: Chocolate Cookie Dough Ice Cream.

    Lindsay Landis’ egg-free cookie dough recipe means you can chow down on the dough itself to your heart’s content... so you might want to make a little extra.

  • If I was to die in six months
    awaiting the collision of an asteroid,
    I could cry with everyone or wait
    to die with everyone or
    check Facebook and Twitter. I could run away
    to another place, hope for another fate, but

    I would think about Leaves of Grass.
    And the dirt on the bottom of one’s boot.
    I could search for the songs of myself.
    Reflect on what I have left –


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