• Anti-Valentine’s Day Books for the Brokenhearted

    Street art by Amberella


    Some call it Valentine’s Day, some call it Single Awareness Day (SAD). If you fall into the latter group, you are likely looking for a way to either ignore the hearts and flowers overflowing from every store aisle, or you are expanding your right to protest by launching a full-scale Anti-Valentine’s Day attack.

    So if you’re out shopping for ironic candy hearts that say “Platonic Forever” and planning to watch a bunny boil in Fatal Attraction, add a little reading material that will also make you happy you’re single for the night.

  • 5 Cat Castles Valentines

    Cat lovers and pun lovers alike, we have you covered. With Valentine's Day less than a week away, we're giving you five Cat Castles valentines purr-fect for anyone and everyone in your life.

    Post these adorable felines to Tumblr, Pinterest, Instagram, or your special someone's Facebook wall. Just click the image to be taken to the file, and then right click and save! Litter-ally so easy. Spread the love, friends!

  • Cards to Fictional Friends

    Today is National Send a Card to a Friend Day! To celebrate this day, we imagined what letters fictional friends would send to each other. Just don’t think too hard about how the letters were delivered; we’re not quite sure how letters are sent to Oz or how Owl puts stamps on postcards.

  • The Brief Wondrous Life of Interactive Fiction

    Photo credit: Courtney Apple

    Or, How Poets and Novelists Became Video Game Superstars

    Originally published on Powells.com

    One day in 1984, my father and I were walking through a K-mart, and we stopped to look at the video games. At the time, K-mart carried all the arcade hits that a 13-year-old boy might want – Pac-Man, Donkey Kong, Asteroids – but the salesman at the counter asked if we’d seen Ray Bradbury’s new game.

  • Books We’d Like to See Get the LEGO Movie Treatment

    With The LEGO Batman Movie hitting theatres this week, we started wondering what other books would thrive under this specific adaptation treatment. After all, Batman started as a book too. And we’d be willing to bet that when DC Comics introduced Batman as a character in 1939, the furthest thing from their mind was a reimagining of their superhero using the interlocking bricks Danish toymakers were experimenting with. (Yeah yeah. We’re a bunch of pop culture history nerds. What did you expect?) Without further ado, here are four books that we’d love to see get the LEGO movie treatment. 

  • Six Space Operas We'd Love to See as Books

    When we think of space operas—melodramatic adventures full of interplanetary battles with a little romance thrown in—we tend to think of sweeping franchises like Star Wars and Star Trek. While there have been some space opera books (consider everything by Iain M. Banks, books by Robert Heinlein and Dave Simmons, and the countless Star Trek, Star Wars, and Battlestar Galactica book adaptations), we wondered what would happen if we could see some of our favorite space opera movies turned into books.