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  • If you follow Reese Witherspoon on Instagram, you know she loves to read. In fact, “love” might be too mild a word to describe this voracious bookworm. She founded a production company so that she could amplify the voices of female novelists and non-fiction writers, turning their books into films. She has a social media-based book club, where she encourages her followers to read her new favorite books together. (Watch out, Oprah. Just kidding, they’re genuinely friends.) Today, in honor of Reese’s birthday, we’re celebrating our very favorite literary roles from her resume. These roles range from the silly to the serious, but one they have one thing in common: they’re all excellent books. And honestly, we expect nothing less.

  • It’s all things webcomics at Quirk this week, so I have compiled a list of some of my favourite webcomics! There was a time when I would check for regular updates on my favourite webcomic sites, but these days I am an extremely casual webcomics reader. The endless social media scroll can be a blessing or a curse for the webcomics creator. Recently I have been relying a lot on Instagram and Twitter to find and read new comics, so forgive me if my taste is a bit eclectic.

  • We don’t like to brag, but the city that houses Quirk Books world headquarters—namely Philadelphia—is pretty great. Not only are we the home of the current Super Bowl champions, and the origin of, you know, democracy in America, Philly also has a pretty strong comics game. Comics masters from Marjorie Henderson Buell to R. Crumb to Charles Burns to Box Brown hail from our town or chose to reside here. But this is Webcomics Week…so today we'll just point out some of the great webcomics that are available from Philly-area creators. As Ben Franklin said, "I don't always read webcomics...but when I do, I read ones created in Philadelphia."

  • Yesterday we launched our Webcomics Week by telling you what we love about online comics. Today we’re taking deeper dive as the Quirk Comics Club shares our picks for an assortment of must-click, must-read, must-follow webcomics.

    Webcomic Name

    by Alex Norris

  • Some personalities are bigger than life. In the case of media, there are actors like Sir. Ian McKellen, writers like Herman Melville and artists like Jack “King” Kirby. While these people are all bigger than big, they also have one thing in common: bigger than life monsters. Whether they fought them in films, wrote about them in novels or drew them in comics, each one of these men knows what it is like to be tied inextricably to an enormous beast. With Pacific Rim: Uprising just around the corner, we wanted to take a look at some of the biggest baddest monsters to ever grace pop culture.

  • Welcome to Webcomics Week, our week-long celebration of, you guessed it, webcomics! Join us every day this week as we share our passion for this postmodern marriage between the venerable medium of comic books and the contemporary delivery system of the world wide web.


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