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  • Reading can be thirsty work. Why not kick back and relax with a nice glass of wine?  We've done hours of research (hiccup) on the best fictional wines and their real world counterparts. Bottoms up!

  • As space pioneer Sally Ride’s birthday approaches (May 26) and discussion of the incredible women in Hidden Figures demands attention and captivates imaginations, we consider the role of women in science and how, for years, their stories have been superseded by their male counterparts. Today we honor Sally Ride and the countless women who broke boundaries and denied stereotypes by highlighting exceptional accounts of their stories.

  • This past Monday was World Goth Day, an opportunity for goths of all creeds and subcultures to come together and celebrate the goth community as a whole. That idea took many of us down a trip to memory lane: specifically, to the early 2000s, when we were in high school and expressing ourselves with goth music and fashion meant we were cutting edge. As we tossed around recollections of saving up for a lace-trimmed skirt at Hot Topic or an album by The Cure, we wondered: what if some of our favorite authors were in high school at the same time? How would they act? How would they look?

    The following, friends, are our best guesses at how six beloved authors would make out as teenaged goths.

  • MCM London is this weekend. Are you excited? We are! We'll be at stand #3321 and can't wait to see you. 

    Check this schedule to see what our authors will be up to (and find out when we'll be offering giveaways!):

  • Ah English class, where we learned how to write an essay, edit our grammar, and NEVER EVER use CliffsNotes when we haven’t done the reading (like, ever). Most of all, we learned about the work of some of the great authors of the English language. Time goes by, but these timeless tips from some of the English canon’s biggest names remain excellent advice on writing.

  • We haven’t seen the lifeguards of Baywatch since Mitch Buchannon – on the road to recovery from amnesia – returned to Hawaii to get married (again!) in the made for TV movie Baywatch: Hawaiian Reunion. A lot has changed since 2003, and to celebrate the lifeguards’ return to the screen in the latest Baywatch movie, we’ve asked them to recommend their favorite beach reads. After all, they have a lot of time to kill in that lifeguard chair.


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