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A Most Peculiar Loop Day: How to Celebrate September 3rd

Celebrate Loop Day with us! You can find exclusive posters and more at your participating local bookstore

Ed. Note: Greetings, Peculiars! In advance of Loop Day—September 3rd—we've asked one of the peculiar children to advise on best practices for celebrating and enjoying this most special day. 

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The Last Days of Summer

The end of summer is in sight and here at Quirk Books we’re in deep deep denial about it. To celebrate these last warm days, here are some of our favorite young adult books with summer in the title. So grab a beach towel and your favorite sunglasses because these books need to be soaked up in the sun.

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How-To Tuesday: Baked Chocolate Bananas

End the summer on a solid note with an alternative to regular ol' s'mores. Here's an excerpt from Campfire Cuisine by Robin Donovon!

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Quirk Look: How to Dress Like a Victorian

Happy birthday, Mary Shelley! In honor of the Queen of gothic literature, here are a few ways you can dress like your favorite Victorian. We hope you like tons of lace and the color black.

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Winnie the Pooh Pop Culture Mashups

A little under a century ago in a small suburb of London, a boy by the name of Christopher Robin was born. As a child he was gifted a stuffed teddy bear, and together the two were the inspiration for the beloved children’s books about Winnie-the -Pooh written by his father A.A. Milne.

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Book Recs from Quirk Dogs

It's National Dog Day and these Quirk dogs have got some rockin' book recommendations for you. Read up, pup lovers. 

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