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Burtonize Your Wardrobe for the Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children Movie

Ransom Riggs’s best-selling novel, Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children has officially arrived on the big screen! Time travel, monsters, magic, and love come together in this beautifully imagined world, and with the legendary Tim Burton behind the camera, we are sure to be in for a visual treat. Known for his poetic, gothic style, Burton’s film isn’t an exact adaptation, but an inspired take on the adventures of Jacob, Emma, Miss Peregrine, and the children.

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Badass Boss Ladies in Pop Culture

As any woman who has attempted to climb the corporate ladder can tell you, it can be tough to be a woman with big dreams, especially for women who aspire to roles typically reserved for men. However, tough does not mean impossible, and below are a few fictional women who didn't let a few cuts – and the occasional stab wound – stop them from smashing straight through the glass ceiling. 

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Recap: Tim Burton and Ransom Riggs at Union Square B&N

On Tuesday, Tim Burton and Ransom Riggs chatted onstage at the NY Union Square Barnes & Noble. And let us just say that it was MARVELOUS. In case you missed it, we streamed the event on Facebook Live. Check out our recap of the event below!

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Fortune Cookies for Fictional Characters

In all honesty, the best part about ordering Chinese food is getting the fortune cookies. When dinner is over, you're sad for that one split second before you realize what's lingering in the bottom of your takeout bag. Bonus food! Delicious little morsels with a hidden message inside! We all know that moment when we read one and it perfectly fits our lives (which usually results in pinning the fortune to the refrigerator). In the interest of generosity, we thought we would write fortunes for our favorite fictional characters. 

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Books About Banned Books

Banned Books Week is upon us and here at Quirk Books we’re celebrating by saving our favorite tomes from the fire, slipping challenged books into school children’s backpacks, and counter-protesting at city counsel. Okay, not really. But while we’re over here embracing books of all shapes, sizes, and subject matters while simultaneously wondering What Would Leslie Knope Do?, here’s a round up of books about banned books. Because you know we’re celebrating Banned Books Week in style: cuddled up on the couch with our favorite novel.

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Best Uniforms in Books

School has just started again, and everyone has survived the stress of picking out an outfit for the first day of school. But here's the kicker: that stress repeats itself every day, especially if you find that your closet is lacking. School uniforms solve that issue, although some are better than others. We've compiled a list of our favorite uniforms in books. Don that plaid skirt and tie—we're headed for a roundup.

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