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    We all experience the same feeling that you get when you’re finished reading a book or watching a TV series.
    Something inside of you died a little, and now you have to go through the entire grieving process to fully accept that your favorite character (Harry, Edward, Katniss, or whoever) isn’t your real-life beau or BFF. They’re fictional. (Yes they are. I know, I know, shh.)
    But I come bearing good news! Baker-bloggers all around the world go through this too, and they can teach us how to eat—er, bake—your fictional loves! 

  • It's a fact. Here at Quirk, we love a good zombie book. Zombie Trekkies. Zombie Tarot. Zombie Jane Austen. We just can't help ourselves. 

    With Halloween quickly approaching, we figured we'd put together a fun giveaway, to celebrate our love of being scared and the joy of zombies.

    Go ahead and enter the Rafflecopter below for a chance to win a Quirk library of zombie books, including:


    We'll pick three winners closer to the end of the month. Good luck! 

    When AMC’s The Walking Dead first premiered in October 2010, it became an instant hit. Critics were in a frenzy: it was unique, unexplored, and a delicious throwback to the George Romero films of old. Based on the comic book series of the same name by Robert Kirkman and artists Tony Moore and Charlie Adlard, the series has since spawned dozens of large-scale themed events, charity runs, tee shirts and board games.
    As with every popular television series, The Walking Dead takes a hiatus every summer and we’re left wondering how to fill that flesh-eating, virus-ridden void. No Daryl for six months? Ugh.
    But there’s hope. For the sake of your sanity, here are nine book titles that will help satisfy your dystopian cravings until the next season of The Walking Dead premieres in October:


    April 1, 2013


    Quirk Books, the independent publisher known for its irreverent reference guides and innovative works of fiction, has gone and done the unexpected once again. Effective immediately, the company is launching a new imprint that will give readers exactly what they expect. Book-lovers of the world, meet Normal Books.

    "We think that becoming more conventional is truly the most 'strikingly unconventional' move we could make," says President and Publisher David Borgenicht. "Readers have come to expect the unexpected from us, and I'm pretty sure no one was expecting this."

    The Normal Books imprint will offer a completely retooled frontlist of regular, completely straightforward books, with titles including Breakfast for Breakfast, Miss Peregrine's Home for Regular Children, and Pride and Prejudice without Zombies.

    This groundbreaking, daringly creative move was engineered with readers in mind, says Associate Publisher and Creative Director Jason Rekulak. "We’re convinced there’s an audience out there that craves the same-old, same-old,” he says. “We're excited to stop pushing the envelope, and start nudging it back into the desk drawer next to the pens and rubber bands." The concept is expected to yield a more manageable workflow as well. “The sales reps have been clamoring for less buzzworthy titles,” notes Moneka Hewlett, Senior Sales Director.

    Besides its new catalog of traditional print titles, Normal Books intends to release all subsequent books in eBook format: as plain text with no pictures and in a single small, non-dynamic font. Says Vice President Brett Cohen: "In the digital age, Normal Books will be square in the middle of the pack when it comes to using new, innovative technology. There’s no need to show off."

    Below are the titles that Normal Books will be releasing in the coming months:

  • Some think that horror comedies are almost impossible to pull off because they elicit two different reactions but when you think about it, they really are one in the same. Fear and amusement may elicit different reactions (screaming and laughter) but someone who's truly scared may find themselves laughing later or laughing so hard that they scream and even in cases of an extremely funny or scary moment, both can lead to the inevitable wetting of one's pants.

    The David Wong novel John Dies at the End is a perfect example. Both the book and the movie, directed by Don Coscarelli who also helmed another great horror comedy "Bubba Ho-Tep," have moments of sheer terror followed by mind-bending hilarity. This got me thinking: What other horror comedy novels should become horror comedy movies?

  • He’s not supposed to rise from the sunken city of R’lyeh until the stars are properly aligned. But ever since “Call of Cthulhu” debuted in Weird Tales magazine 85 years ago this month, Lovecraft’s famous horror icon has certainly kept his tentacled face in the public eye. Trying to catalog all of the Dread One’s appearances would likely destroy your soul and your sanity. But in honor of his 85 years of literate existence, here are ten notable sightings of Cthulhu and his fellow things-that-should-not-exist.


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