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  • What's the Quirk staff playing lately? We'll tell you! Luigi’s Mansion 3 came to Switch this past Halloween, and we're loving it. Our poor plumber friend must brave a haunted house yet again to save his hapless friends. (Who, really, should start spending a little less time near these ghost-filled mansions in the first place!) As usual, Luigi trusts players to guide him through puzzles and past ghosts (with the help of his trusty little vaccum cleaner!) on his way to help his friends. We feel for Luigi—he’s not the bravest of plumbers, even though he’ll do whatever it takes to save Mario and the gang. So we’re giving him a little reading list…or one to help him between now and the inevitable fourth installment in the Luigi’s Mansion series. We've got your back, Luigi!

  • Everything about this cold and dark season makes us want to stay inside and read. Luckily, we can dedicate our evenings and weekends to the coziest of hobbies. But when your cozy hobby is also your year-round hobby, how do you winterize it? Before you take a snow shuffle to your TBR, give our hygge reading recommendations a look! Our list is full of heavy hardcovers, the weighted blanket of books, as well as the perfect hygge companion for each recommendation.

  • When it comes to the holidays, what do you give to the tweens in your life? It can be difficult to pick out the perfect gift, but not with these books they'll be excited to receive! Check out our picks:

  • Today is World Kindness Day, and we have the perfect book line up to help spread kindness wherever you go. 

  • Prices subject to change.

    This November, we're featuring Quirk's best e-book discounts! Keep reading for this month's assortment of horror titles:


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