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  • Hey librarians, educators, and booksellers! Do you want to read Quirk books to kids online while we're all staying home?

    During the COVID-19 outbreak, we’re committed to allowing readers to have access to books for educational and entertainment purposes. In light of school, bookstore, and library closures, Quirk Books is extending an open license to select* titles in its catalog through June 30, 2020.

    *For conditions of use and a list of select Quirk titles available, see below. Let’s spread some smiles on social media.

  • BOOK Crystal Clear

    From the co-author of Basic Witches, Crystal Clear explores and demystifies the history, properties, and modern self-care appeal of crystals through voice-driven personal essays by one of the internet's most beloved culture writers.

  • BOOK Cursed Objects

    An illustrated compendium that reveals the true stories behind the most infamous, creepy, and bizarre real-life cursed objects throughout history. Spanning decades and continents, subjects range from the opulent Hope Diamond to the humble Busy Stoop chair.

  • Yesterday was National Cheese Lover’s Day, and while we could spend hours waxing poetic about brie and gouda and blue cheese and oh wow is it lunch time yet? Does anyone have a perfectly curated cheese plate we could just, um, have? No one? Well, in that case, let’s use our cheese powers for good and recommend some books based on your favorite fromage.

  • What's the Quirk staff playing lately? We'll tell you! Luigi’s Mansion 3 came to Switch this past Halloween, and we're loving it. Our poor plumber friend must brave a haunted house yet again to save his hapless friends. (Who, really, should start spending a little less time near these ghost-filled mansions in the first place!) As usual, Luigi trusts players to guide him through puzzles and past ghosts (with the help of his trusty little vaccum cleaner!) on his way to help his friends. We feel for Luigi—he’s not the bravest of plumbers, even though he’ll do whatever it takes to save Mario and the gang. So we’re giving him a little reading list…or one to help him between now and the inevitable fourth installment in the Luigi’s Mansion series. We've got your back, Luigi!

  • Our favorite show of the decade, The Good Place, is quickly coming to an end. (We’re not crying. You’re crying.) And we're spending a fair amount of time daydreaming about our favorite characters. Which is how we came up with this list of book recommendations for our favorite ball of nerves: Chidi Anagonye.


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