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  • Ivy Noelle Weir started her bookish career at nineteen years old, when a reference librarian at the local library caught her crying in an alleyway after learning that the coffee shop where she worked was going to be abruptly shut down. He offered her a job as a circulation clerk, and what started as a part-time way to pay the bills turned into an award-winning career in librarianship and eventually, a Master’s Degree in library science. Ivy also holds a degree in art history, helps to manage The Valkyries and Valkyries Valhalla (two international organizations of female nerd professionals with over 800 combined members), speaks at events and conferences nationwide about comics and pop culture, and just celebrated the release of her first graphic novel, Archival Quality (about a haunted library, of course). Since coming to Quirk’s publicity and marketing department in 2016, she has worked with librarians, bloggers, and comic con attendees to spread the word about Quirk titles.

  • Have you read Ten Dead Comedians by Fred Van Lente? You might remember the hardcover as a vibrant blue. For the paperback edition, coming out in Summer '18, Art Director Doogie Horner redesigned the cover, and it looks AMAZING.

    We sat down with Doogie to talk about the new cover. Read on below!

  • Katherine McGuire has overseen subsidiary rights at Quirk for a little more than five years. What are subsidiary rights? Well, Quirk is really good at publishing books, and we're good at publishing them in English. But if it's not a book or it's not in English, but it's still based on something we published here at Quirk, Kate's in charge of building the partnerships that make it happen. That means she's got dozens of deals in progress on any given day with foreign-language publishers, Hollywood studios, audiobook producers, even apparel companies. She just returned from the Frankfurt Book Fair to meet with translation rights agents and acquiring editors from over 30 different countries, her book Stuff Every Vegetarian Should Know is out now, and she once snuck a gift-wrapped durian into a company holiday party to sow chaos.

  • We're BEYOND excited for MCM London this weekend! If you're going, make sure to visit us October 27-29 at booth #5731. And while you're there, make sure to sign up for the Quirk E. Newsletter at our booth—you'll be entered to win £100 worth of our books!

  • Fall 2017 marks the 15th anniversary of Quirk’s first publishing season. To celebrate, we're chatting with Brett Cohen, Quirk’s president.

    Brett started with Quirk in 2001 before we were even publishing our own books. Over the last 16 years, Brett has been a jack-of-all-trades. He was the first hire on the business side, brought in to develop our operational and financial procedures, as well as manage Quirk’s relationship with our sales distributor. He expanded that work into business development and strategy. He revised our marketing program by developing our consumer initiatives including comic con attendance, relaunching this site as an entertainment blog, and starting our social media accounts. Now, he continues to have his hand in all facets of the business ranging from finance and production to marketing and sales.

  • Blair Thornburgh is an editor at Quirk Books. She's also an armchair medievalist, feminist virago, extremely poor banjo player, and children's book writer. Her days at Quirk are spent reading Wikipedia articles about Icelandic necromancy for "research," forgetting what she went down to the book room for, eating snacks, and making puns with Rick (oh, and editing books. She does a lot of that). Her hair color changes about every six weeks, give or take. Her first novel Who's That Girl hit bookstores on July 11.


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