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  • April 4th is School Librarian Appreciation Day and of all the truly random holidays, this one is our total and complete favorite. Think back to your elementary school days. Did you have a librarian who let you check out as many books as you wanted – well above your reading level – without making you feel strange or different? Maybe your middle school librarian had a pet rat that lived among the stacks Wormtail-style. Or maybe your high school librarian let you and your friends eat lunch there, because she knew how much easier your day would be. We’re giving back to those folks who planted that literary seed. Because it’s never too late to say thank you.

  • New York Comic Con is back again, and we are SO READY. We'll be at booth #2236 from 10/4-10/7 and we'd love to meet you! And, of course, we'll have swag.

    You know the drill. To get the swag, swing by our booth and whisper the top secret password. (It's Quirk E. Godmother.) We're psyched to see you and talk about fandoms and books!

    Here's the inside scoop on all things Quirk @ NYCC:


  • Are you excited for San Diego Comic-Con? WE ARE. We'll be at booth 1636 and would love to meet you! Drop by to say hi, talk books, and meet some of our authors!

    This year, we're participating in some fun scavenger hunts — an official Buffy Scavenger Hunt where you can sign up to become a Vampire Hunt Slayer during the con, and the Baker Street Babes SherlockeDCC Scavenger Hunt, where you can follow clues and solve puzzles all over SDCC. You can win some great prizes by participating in these hunts, so make sure to join in the fun!

    Oh, and of course we'll have our secret password. Whisper Quirk E. Godmother and you'll get something cool.

    Follow us on Twitter for updates on panels, signings, and guest author appearances at our booth. For all giveaways, signings, and more, see the schedule below:

  • Summer blockbuster season is in full swing with great movies like Avengers: Infinity War, Incredibles 2 and Ocean's 8.  But, maybe you are looking for something that isn’t so sequel heavy. Perhaps you are looking for something a little more bookish and shorter in length.  

    Welcome to the Quirk Books Film Festival, where we highlight five of our favorite book trailers from the past ten years.  Quirk pioneered the Hollywood-style book trailer, pushing them beyond a simple ad for the book by making them compelling standalone pieces that tell a story. And, these trailers are sure to delight and surprise with their CGI effects, intense action sequences, suspenseful build-ups and pop-culture touch points.

    Break out your popcorn and happy viewing!

  • This Father's Day, treat Dad to a great book. Read on for our staff picks!

  • We can't wait for BookCon 2018. It's SO CLOSE! We'll be there at Booth #2038 from June 2 - June 3 and we can't wait to meet you and talk books.

    Oh, and you can get SWAG! How? Drop by our booth and whisper the top secret password. (It's Quirk E. Godmother.) Plus, you can take a photo in our GIF booth. Yes, that's a real thing that's happening, and we are so excited! You'll be able to take GIF photos with props based on items from favorite and upcoming Quirk books. If you post your GIF on Twitter or Instagram, sure to tag @quirkbooks so we can see!


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