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  • Warren the 13th  is having a bit of a rough time lately—his uncle has married Anaconda, of the evil step-aunt variety, and the hotel business isn’t doing much business. Until of course, news of the All-Seeing-Eye treasure gets out and Warren can’t keep up with the crazed guests. While he’s a smart and resourceful little boy, it never hurts to have some help—even if it’s in the form of a cautionary tale—so we’ve rounded-up some bellhops who Warren might like to call upon.

  • In honor of Kid Athletes going on sale today, we at Quirk HQ decided to power up a blast from the past. And while it took some digging, much cringing, and plenty of existential thoughts on lost youth, we are pleased to present these photos of our former kid athlete selves. Who knows what multi-million dollar deals and Wheaties endorsments awaited us had we not pursued the glamorous life of independent book publishing instead? 

  • Presents come early when you enter our November Book Giveaways! Check out where you can win copies of our November and December releases below. Giveaways will run until November 30th! 

  • It's been 20 years since the premiere of the Goosebumps TV series, and we'd like to take a moment to apprecaite R.L. Stine for all he's done to ensure our safety. Whether he’s warning us about those nefarious lawn gnomes or making sure we keep an eye out for Frosty’s evil twin each winter, he always has our backs.

    If you’re the kind of person who willingly ventures in to haunted houses (or worse yet, ventures into haunted houses and makes off with something), your life choices need some guidance.  Look no further!  Following these simple rules will ensure that you don’t end up living a real-life Goosebumps tale.

  • This retrospective has been brought to you by the letter A for Awesome. Here's a look at the many awesome literary adaptations Sesame Street has gifted the world. Let's count them shall we? 1...2...3...Ah-ah-ah-ah!


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