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  • BOOK Buffy the Vampire Slayer

    The cult classic TV show is now a charming picture book for the youngest fans in the Buffyverse!

  • Fathom Events is bringing a beautifully remastered version of E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial back to the big screen for a special 35 anniversary event on September 17 and 20 only! We're positively over the MOON.

  • Middle grade sits awkwardly in the space between effortlessly adorable picture books for young children, and effortlessly trendy YA for teens. Maybe that’s why I enjoy writing it so much – because it reminds me of how I was at that age. I was a gawky, awkward kid with a nose that was growing too fast for my face, a mouth full of braces, and giant glasses that made me look like an even bigger dork than I already was. But much like the protagonists of many middle grade novels, I wasn’t yet jaded by the reality of life. I still believed in magic, and more importantly, I still believed in myself.

  • Photo Credit: Brandon Hill

    Hey everyone! Will Staehle here, the creator and illustrator of Quirk’s Warren the 13th series. When I’m not busy working on Warren, I run a design studio, Unusual Co., out of Seattle. I’ve designed all sorts of fun things over the years, but the majority of my work continues to be in the world of book cover design. I’ve been really fortunate to have designed covers for some amazing authors, like Michael Crichton, Stephen King, Michael Chabon, V. E. Schwab, Ernest Cline, Andy Weir, Warren Ellis, Christopher Buckley, and so many more. I’ve never kept count, but I’d estimate that I’ve designed over a thousand covers so far in my career.

    So you might assume that when it came time to design my very own book cover for Warren the 13th and the All-Seeing Eye, it would be my absolute dream project, and you would be 100 percent . . .


  • BOOK Back to the Future

    Great Scott! The hilarious hit movie from the 1980s is now a wild and wacky picture book perfect for kids of any age!

  • X-Files Illustrator Kim Smith Talks with Quirk Publisher Jason Rekulak

    Quirk Books Publisher Jason Rekulak collaborated with illustrator Kim Smith on her best-selling picture book adaptation of Home Alone, and he was thrilled to re-team with her on an adaptation of The X-Files. They chatted recently about how this otherworldly picture book came together.  


    JR: Were you a fan of The X-Files as a kid?  



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