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  • You've got children. We've got answers. Or at least a good place to hide from your kids.

    Raising Quirk knows that your kids didn't come with an owner's manual. We also know that you may still feel like a kid, too. You're not alone.

    Our community is filled with advice, activities, entertainment, and, most important, parents just like you. It's a lifelong adventure and we're in it together. Consider us your online playgroup!

    Follow us on Twitter and Facebook as we build our fun new community!

  • Prices subject to change.

    We're all celebrating Mother's Day virtually, so why not give your cherished mom or mother figure an e-book? At $1.99 per title, you can give them a whole bouquet of books :)

  • Photo by Kaboompics .com from Pexels

    Mix up your routine with your kids and try these immersive and informative audiobooks!

  • Many of us are stuck at home right now, and let's face it, things can get boring after even one day. In need of activities to pass the time? If you have little ones, middle graders, or teens, check this roundup of activity kits and parent/educator guides. Oh, and give us a follow on Pinterest—we link all of our resources there, and right now they're featured on our main page. Happy social distancing! 

  • Fred Rogers once said, "It takes one letter to say I and four letters to say love and three letters to say you. One hundred and forty-three." In honor of Fred Rogers, May 23 is now 143 Day in Pennsylvania. Celebrate by doing one kind thing for your fellow neighbor! 

    Use the activities on this page—especially the "(Paper) Chain of Kindness" activity—to spread kindness wherever you go today. To read the full activity guide, click here!

  • In the past decade, women have birthed babies and blogged about it, as well as blogged about other motherly happenings in the mother-hood. But what if some famous literary moms had their own blogs about their misadventures in childrearing? Or how they get by day to day in the mamasphere? Here are the blogs some moms of literature, MOLS for short, would write.


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