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  • I played the flute when I was a kid. It was an illustrious career. We held concerts for our parents, and gathered at the local train station to serenade commuters during the Christmas holidays.

    My entire musical education was garnered through my public school. The music teacher taught me how to read notes, tap my foot, follow the conductor, and it was all free. And while my career might have been short-lived, for many kids, it’s life saving. This is why Music in Our Schools Month is so important. And to celebrate the holiday this March, why not enjoy some YA novels that demonstrate just how important music is for teenagers (and everyone else).

  • Naming a band isn’t easy, but luckily you can find inspiration in all sorts of unlikely places. Here at Quirk, we’ve come up with ten possible bands with grammatically inspired names and imagined some of their hit songs.

  • As most people know, Taylor Swift is influenced by the events in her life—breakups, negative celebrities and more when it comes to songwriting so I couldn’t help but imagine how T-Swift’s songs would change if she participated in NaNoWriMo.

    Here are some ideas, revised lyrics written to go along with the original songs:

  • Summer makes bad songs sound good. There's no better time of the year to blare Top 40 music as loud as possible and sing about how awesome life is. There are some songs that re-surface every year throughout the summer months and, for some reason, they are universally loved.

  • With Canada Day coming up on July 1st, I'd like to say a few words of thanks to important Canadian icons. These Canadians make me proud to be a Canadian myself - in the quirkiest of ways.

  • Authors have a way with words, but these authors have a way with music, too, whether acting as the opener for a band or playing in one themselves. Here are six authors that have a musical side as well.


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