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  • Happy birthday, Eddie Redmayne! We’re obsessed with the fact that you keep starring in literary adaptations. We like to imagine you sitting on set with the original novel – dog eared and filled with marginalia. In honor of your special day, we’re diving into every single literary adaptation that bares your name. Even the rumored ones.

  • Editor's Note: To finish out 2018, we're revisiting some of our favorite blog posts from the past year. This post was originally published on 7/18/18. 

    [source: The Talks]

    We all know that Benedict Cumberbatch made his mark playing literary great Sherlock Holmes in the BBC series Sherlock, but how many other literary Cumberbatch roles can you name? While we could spend literally his entire birthday coming up with literary misspellings of his name and other bookish memes, we’d rather celebrate the literary roles that decorate his IMDB page.

  • Editor's Note: To finish out 2018, we're revisiting some of our favorite blog posts from the past year. This post was originally published on 4/3/18. 

    They say best friends are never more than a phone call away. But It’s 2018, so we should probably revise that to “never more than a FaceTime, Snapchat, or VR sesh away.” Even then, these fancy new methods of keeping in touch really only apply if you exist in the same dimension as your bestie, which to be frank, might not always be the case. Before passing away, Stephen Hawking co-published a final paper on the possibility of a multiverse, prompting us to wonder, can we really even say who our true best friends are? For all we know, they might not even exist in the same time or space. We tested the theory, and sure enough, in the case of these pop culture and literary icons, their perfect matches weren’t even found in the same story, let alone universe.

  • The weather outside is frightful and, frankly, we’re tired of watching Elf on a loop. There are only so many times we can see Will Ferrell put maple syrup on his spaghetti. (Ew.) So, we’re here to make a case for decidedly-not-Christmas movies that still give us that warm fuzzy feeling. Grab the nearest blanket and hunker down because you’re in for a cinematic treat.

  • Bohemian Rhapsody opened nationwide this week and as a bunch of nerds who love Freddie Mercury, we cannot wait to see it. In fact, if you’d put the casting in our hands, we would have chosen Rami Malek too. So, today, we’re looking at the literary references in Queen’s extensive rock catalogue. Feeling under pressure to fill your TBR? Keep reading.

  • It’s Carrie Fisher’s birthday on October 21 and we still can’t believe she’s gone. She was everything we could ever want in a modern-day hero – bold and brash and unapologetically honest. To honor our dearly departed space mom on her special day, we’re sharing our favorite pieces of Carrie Fisher advice.


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