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  • People say that your happiness is determined by the people with whom you surround yourself, and that is especially true in a snowstorm. While we have yet to see snow around here in the mid-Atlantic, it's always good to be prepared. Here is our list of the best and worst characters to be snowed in with, so you know what to do when you see the first snowflakes. 

  • It is the time of year when the radio is playing songs that plead for snow. And what comes with snow? Sledding, of course! Before you go pull out ol' Rosebud, it may be prudent to review the pros and cons of this traditional winter activity. Literature and pop culture are full of sleds that have carried their riders to high highs and crashing lows. 

  • At first glance, Professor Severus Snape is an intimidating, sarcastic, unfriendly, and stern man. But don’t be fooled; his frosty exterior hides a passionate heart and noble intentions. One of J.K. Rowling’s more complex, layered characters, he evolves from anti-hero to full-on hero during the course of her books. Which makes him worthy of a playlist in our book.

  • Lewis Carroll’s fair-haired heroine is not your typical seven-year-old. She’s polite, precocious, quick to show off her knowledge. She’s well-mannered, though put off when others aren’t. Last and perhaps most importantly, she’s wildly curious, which serves her well on her surreal and psychedelic explorations in Wonderland. Here’s the thing: Carroll’s stories may be for children, but they are also quite dark and strange, and any playlist worthy of Alice Liddell must reflect that. So press Play and join us on a musical adventure for Alice.

  • Hermione reads, a lot. At Hogwarts, she devours magical books on the daily. We have to wonder, though, what Hermione read before she discovered she was a witch. More importantly, did she continue reading the works of Muggle authors after she became a student at Hogwarts? If so, we have to believe she opened the eyes of her fellow students—to some extracurricular reading material.

    Here are some of Hermione’s book recommendations to the purest of Hogwarts’ students.

  • Witch Craft by Alicia Kachmar and Margaret McGuire: Only $3.99!



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