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  • Image via Flickr

    Sportsmanship is one of those hit-or-miss traits. Not everyone is blessed with the ability to curb their competitive streaks, and you don’t know who is simmering with bottled-up rage. Golf is a quiet sport that requires a great deal of respectful silence for long periods of time. It’s not for overly emotional people, or for those who tend to lose their tempers. It’s just not a good match. That’s why an enraged golfer is rare in this sport. If you encounter a golfer who has severely lost his cool, you’d better act quickly because you don’t know how long that pot has been boiling. To guide you through this dangerous situation, use the tips provided in The Worst-Case Scenario Survival Guide: Golf.

    Note: These survival tips can also help with miniature golf, especially because no one is a professional and competitors are more likely to make fun of each other for missing the hole ten times. Just saying.

  • You know how kids are big bundles of joy all the time? No?

    Ever want to smack a kid for a smart mouth? Yes?

    Hold on now, I’m not condoning violence, but sometimes certain maddening little back-talkers drive you crazy to the point where such things don’t seem out of the realm of extreme possibility. Ok, let’s move away from those problematic thoughts and think of better, more constructive ways to deal with a difficult child. After all, kids will be kids, as they say, and kids are notorious for finding new ways to step over the line. Adults, take a look at The Worst-Case Scenario Survival Guide: Parenting and use these tips to find new ways to deal with your smart aleck.

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    You’ve opened your mouth. You don’t know why, but you’ve done it - you’re standing up, your glass is raised, and now you’re about to speak. If you’ve gotten to this point and find a black hole where all your inspiring ideas from five minutes ago used to be, don’t worry, plenty of us have been there before. Maybe you’ve become swept up in the sudden dynamic shift at the company party, and maybe you’re just drunk enough that you really must share your bubbling feelings with the rest of the room. Public speaking is not your forte, but here you are, and the room is quiet. Now what?

    Avoid disaster. Instead of sitting back down in a haze of panic and embarrassment, use these handy tips from The Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbook: Work to make it through your speech like a pro. Who knows, maybe you can start adding public speaking to the list of skills on your resume!

  • Image via

    Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching- a cheerless, depressing holiday with no other way to make it through except to drink copious amounts of alcohol and have a pillow handy for crying or screaming purposes.

    Just kidding!

    Well, kind of.

    For some, any date is better than no date on February 14th, and the despairing moments days before this holiday can lead to impetuous attempts to find a date… any date. If you are so lucky to find a date at the last minute, be aware! Dates are in such high demand during this holiday that sometimes you have to take extra care to KEEP your date - at any moment, some desperate fool may try to swoop in and nab your date out from under your nose. Valentine’s Day can be brutal, to say the least.

    Never fear! Shake off those feelings of dread, because the Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbook: Dating and Sex has the answer to this problem.

  • Photo by Pat Pilon

    Despite the fact that I usually start hearing Christmas music around Halloween (why?!), whenever the holidays arrive, I almost always find myself missing something. A present for this person, a piece of holiday clothing I swore I'd wear (ugly Christmas sweater, why must you be brought up every year), or an important festive decoration. 

    Like the Christmas angel tree topper. 

    If you're hapless around the holidays like me, well, here's an excerpt from the Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbook: Holidays by David Borgenicht and Joshua Piven. Just in case you forget to pack that angel for the top of the tree. 

  • Photo by Paul Carroll

    Winter is coming. And not in that fun "I'm quoting Game of Thrones" sort of way. In the omg-it-is-freezing-outside-I-hate-my-life kind of way. But with the cold comes a lot of fun, what with snowball fights, skiing, snow angels, and ice skating.

    For those of you psyched to go skate like you're in a Charlie Brown Christmas, be careful. Those tempting open lakes can be dangerous.

    To help you be prepared, today we've got an excerpt from The Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbook: Travel by David Borgenicht and Joshua Piven. Because hey, you never know. 


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