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  • Charles Dickens’ enduring line “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times…” could apply to the best-selling Worst-Case Scenario® series, which has advised millions of people how to survive life’s sudden turns for the worse.

    For more than ten years, readers have been entertained and informed by these well-researched solutions to the worst-case scenarios of life—from how to escape from quicksand to how to fend off a shark, and from how to deal with a nightmare boss to how to escape from a bad date. With over 10 million books sold worldwide, it’s clear that the desire to be prepared is universal.

    Welcome to the Worst-Case Scenario community! Author Dave Borgenicht and the Worst-Case team are here to help prepare you, and you, and you(!) out there in webland for anything. Need to land a plane? Fending off a shark attack? Graduating and facing “what next?!”? We’re here, for you.


  • Planning for the coming apocalypse? Whether it’s a societal meltdown or zombies you fear, a well-stocked bug-out bag is going to set you up for survival in any situation. Since one of the biggest dangers of the end of days is boredom, here’s a packing list for a bug-out bag that’s bound to keep any book nerd occupied!

  • All of us have wanted to transport to the fantastical, fictional places portrayed in our favorite books. Backpacking through Europe has nothing on these locations.

  • With the impending snowstorm making its way down the East Coast this evening, we thought it would be especially pertinent to provide you with the best winter weather survival tips from our Worst-Case Scenario series. Because you know who wasn't prepared for winter weather? The Donner-Reed party, and look how that turned out. 

  • It is the time of year when the radio is playing songs that plead for snow. And what comes with snow? Sledding, of course! Before you go pull out ol' Rosebud, it may be prudent to review the pros and cons of this traditional winter activity. Literature and pop culture are full of sleds that have carried their riders to high highs and crashing lows. 


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