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  • Rub a dub dub, a geek in a tub! Who doesn’t love a good long soak in a nice warm bath? It’s time to sit back and let the nerdiness sink in with these bath goodies!

  • 2017 has come to an end, and with it, our hopes for checking off the last few New Year’s Resolutions still hanging around from last January. Hopefully you managed to hit most of your big ones – finding a job, perhaps, or keeping in better touch with long-distance friends, or eating more salad – but there are always those little add-on resolutions that seem to slip through the cracks, the ones we think that surely we will get to sometime during the year, but never feel like quite a high enough priority to actually sit down and do.

    Like finally binge-watching Supernatural.

    Look, if you are one of those people who started watching Supernatural early in its run and have been keeping up ever since, good for you. But for those who were late to the party, thirteen seasons (and counting) is a tall order. That’s 287 episodes of television. You know what you could accomplish in the amount of time it takes to watch 287 episodes?*

    You could complete a training program for a full marathon. Twice.**

    You could watch the Lord of the Rings extended editions 18 times, with time for bathroom breaks.

    You could write a rough draft of a novel.***

    You could walk from New York City to Detroit.

    Basically, picking up Supernatural now is not just a matter of curiosity; it’s a long-term commitment, like a middle school romance.**** So it’s understandable if you’ve decided that, at this point, no matter how great your friends say it is, the Supernatural ship has sailed. It’s too daunting. Maybe one day if you are ever recuperating from a severe illness, or are put under house arrest, you might give it a go. But as it is, you know better than to put that show on your list of New Year’s Resolutions again. You’ve learned your lesson. Fool you once, CW.*****

    Then again, maybe you’ll give it a whirl anyway. Who knows, 2018 may just be a year where you want to hermit away for a few weeks and power through 210 hours of epic battles between good and evil. No judgement. Sometimes building a blanket fort in your living room and watching a full season of television in one sitting really is the best and most logical option.

    Here are a few other shows that you’ve heard were good, and you were thinking about watching sometime this year…if you can just find the time.

    * or 210.5 hours, assuming an average of 44 minutes per episode

    ** It takes about 88 hours of activity to train for a full marathon, assuming around a 10-minute-per-mile pace – although you could run at a slower pace and still be able to complete the training program twice in under 210 hours.

    *** writing 3.5 hours a day, 5 days a week, for 3 months, assuming you are a person who can draft a novel on that sort of schedule. If you aren’t, no shame.

    **** 8.77 days, which… actually, that might be aiming a bit high for a middle school romance.

    ***** Supernatural has actually been around for so long that it started on The WB, not The CW.

  • New Year, New Bookshelf! As far as resolutions go, promising to get those piles and piles of comics organized and looking beautiful is a great one: it’s achievable, cheap, simple, and has an instant payoff. Just looking at shelves of beautiful comics, knowing that all of your favorites are at your fingertips…that’s a warm glow to keep you going in a cold January.

    The question is not whether to organize your comic collection—it’s how to do it. Especially for new collectors, the options seem endless. How to keep all those comics in a way that is beautiful, useful, and makes sure that they stay in good condition, just in case they’re worth money one day. If you’re looking at how to organize your growing comic collection this year, we’ve got all your questions answered right here. Happy sorting!

  • There are some celebrities that leap to mind when you think about famous geeks. Kevin Smith, the man who made a living out of being a giant comic book nerd. Wil Wheaton, the Star Trek child star who now plays board games for an audience of thousands. But these big names in nerddom aren’t the only ones that are sneaky geeks behind the scenes. There are some surprising stars who have nerdy hobbies and aren’t afraid to admit it! From board games to video games, these big names are proving that anyone can be a geek in their spare time.

  • Cinemaps by Andrew DeGraff and A.D. Jameson diagrams the paths characters take in popular films, as if they were following a map. But roads on a map often intersect, so it's hard not to imagine what these cinematic crossroads might look like. Here our some of our favorite movie and television characters, and how their lives might be different if they crossed paths.

  • We're bringing back one of our best loved posts—with a horror twist. What if these books were Halloween candy? 





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