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  • Welcome to The Geek's Guide to Dating Webseries!

    From bloggers to podcasters, indie video game developers to celebrated filmmakers, hard hitting journalists to award-winning storytellers, over the next few months geeks-of-all-kinds will be sharing their love stories and dishing out advice.

    In this week's video, you'll meet Christopher Wink and Shannon McDonald. You locals might recognize Chris from Technically Philly and Shannon from NewsWorks / NEPhilly. Hit play and learn how they met, how Google Apps can play a major role in any relationship, and why Chris won't call himself a "cat geek", whatever that is.

    Enjoy! And check back every Tuesday afternoon for a new video through February!

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  • It's been a while since the Quirk Books crew went to Philadelphia's Wizard World, an awesome convention that hits the Pennsylvania Convention Center every year. And we're really thrilled to be heading back. Especially since the con is right in our backyard. Well, not literally. It's like, ten blocks away or something. But you get what I'm saying. 

    This year, we'll be at Booth 1724, and we're bringing some authors and a ton of giveaways with us. 

    Whether you're going to a comics, toy, anime, book, or Harry Potter convention, the presentation is generally the same: dealers room, panel areas, food court, and possibly an Artist Alley, among other things. Oh, and loads of people who are all into a lot of the same things you are, since you've all opted to go out of your way to attend this nerdy event. 
    Whether it's your first con or your 20th, there are a few ground rules I think you should keep in mind to ensure that you and the people around you have a great experience.


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