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  • Last week was a busy week for us here at the Quirk HQ.

    Some of us were off in Germany at the Frankfurt Book Fair, while others were setting up shop at New York Comic Con. The rest of us were busy with a DesignPhiladelphia event, where we showcased alternate and original covers for a number of our fiction titles. 

    DesignPhiladelphia 2012: Quirk's Alternate Covers Gallery from Quirk Books on Vimeo.

    From a pulp-horror-novel inspired Bedbugs cover to the original oil paintings for some of our mashups, we had a lot of great art hanging on the walls in DrinkPhilly's spacious Old City office. If you missed it, we've got a video and some photos for you. Have a look, and enjoy! 

    A huge thank you to everyone who came out, and a very special thank you to DrinkPhilly for letting us use their office. We're already looking forward to next year! 

  • DesignPhiladelphia, a local celebration of design here in our hometown, is currently in full swing. This year we're thrilled to team up with our good friends DrinkPhilly for a fun evening of book cover design on Friday, October 12th

    Our talented team of designers (Doogie! Katie! Andie!) will showcase a gallery of alternative book covers, showing actual designs that didn't make the cut and totally new works inspired by older titles. Guests can look forward to interacting with our team and can expect a number of fun giveaways. Posters? Yup. Books? You bet. 

    And thanks to our BFFs DrinkPhilly, books aren't the only thing ready to be consumed that night. There will be plenty of free nibbles and beverages at the DrinkPhilly HQ, and possibly some live music. Word on the street is the founder of DrinkPhilly plays a mean bass. 

    The event is free and open to the public, running from 5pm to 9pm. 21+, as there will be alcohol. We've got a Facebook event listing, so feel free to RSVP and let us know you're coming

    DesignPhiladelphia: Quirk Books Cover Gallery @ DrinkPhilly 
    Friday, October 12th, 2012, 5PM - 9PM

  • In much of literature, love stories are about couples who have to overcome tremendous obstacles to be together – but sometimes the only obstacle to a happily ever after is the couple itself.

    Two characters who spend most of a story arguing until a sudden realization and declaration of love is, of course, a romantic comedy staple, and not unique to the silver screen. Some of our favorite fictional pairs spend their books completely oblivious to the relationship that’s right in front of them.

    Emma and Mr. Knightley in the 1996 film

    Jane Austen absolutely loved this trope – so much so that the modernized adaptation of Emma was called Clueless. From Emma and Mr. Knightley, to Elizabeth Bennett and Mr. Darcy, and even Anne and Captain Wentworth, Austen delighted in bringing characters together with sparks. Her heroes are usually the first to realize that the maddening women in their lives are also the loves of them.

  • Throughout the summer, I have done some Etsy loitering and have noticed an emerging trend in upcycle art: vintage book prints. From beautiful images impressed on torn Bible pages to absurd quotes imprinted on ripped-out chapters of Pride and Prejudice, this art form is on the rise.

    The images atop the prints are almost always translucent, offering the idea that rekindling books as art can act as a unique publishing palimpsest. Many times, I’m interested in perusing book prints just because the descriptions are so romantic. The books are referred to as “rescued” and the yellow pages due to lignin concentration in paper pulp is a “golden finish of old age.”

    While book artists emboss everything from hipster skulls to sweet squids (above), I have fallen in love with the practice of screening typographical quotes onto vintage pages, especially when the quotes make the least amount of sense. Sometimes, the quotes take on a confessional quality too, which is always good. Where better to announce that you’re a bibliophile than on an actual book?

  • If you came to Book Expo America this year, you might have been one of the lucky few who snagged our fancy "What's Your Next Book?" ten year anniversary poster. Well, that classy poster has found new life on the cover of this week's Publishers Weekly, as we continue our year-long, ten year anniversary celebration. And we are psyched to see our logo on the cover. 

    The fun doesn't stop there though! Along with the fun cover, inside this week's issue you'll also spot three pages of Quirky goodness, designed by our fabulous Andie Reid. We've got them pasted below. 

    Thanks for a great ten years, everyone. And make sure you check out our History of Quirk Books Timeline and our Quirk Books Infographic


  • Photo by David Trawin

    Sometimes a bookshelf holds books. Sometimes a bookshelf holds other things. But, occasionally, a bookshelf holds something intangible. Sometimes the idea behind a bookshelf is much more interesting than the books it holds. I know, blasphemy right?!

    Books are full of symbolism, metaphor, and concepts that reach out beyond the words and physical pages of the book. Why can’t a bookshelf be more like the books on it? Why can’t a bookshelf be more than just a receptacle for the heavy burden of stories, ideas, conspiracy, and knowledge?

    In fact, a bookshelf can be much much more than it seems. Below, you’ll find five bookshelves that contain ideas just like the hunks of paper, words, and glue that sit upon them.


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