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  • This summer’s Christopher Robin features 47-year-old Ewan McGregor in the titular role. The young boy from A. A. Milne’s classic book is long gone. In his place is that same beloved character, only with decades of life behind him and an ever-waning imagination ahead of him. It’s a fun concept, but it really got us thinking about other favorite literary characters from our childhood – characters whose adult selves we would love to meet.

  • [source: A24]

    We loved Lady Bird – like, really loved it. Laying on car hoods with your best friend listening to Dave Matthews Band, having the football coach take over the drama club, learning that Timothee Chalamet’s character is a grade A jerk. (Why, Timothee? Why?) Greta Gerwig has a knack for tapping into the volatility of the teenage experience, so we couldn’t help but wonder what our favorite teen issue books would look like under her lens.

  • [source: Warner Brothers]

    The next time you complain about having a terrible birthday, whether forgotten or not going according to plan, please stop and think: is this birthday better or worse than a Harry Potter birthday? Unless you too are dealing with an all-powerful Dark Lord trying to kill you at every turn, your answer will be “oh, so much better, I can’t believe I was complaining, accio cake, please.” As if The Boy Who Lived wasn’t already dealing with enough, he couldn’t even look forward to July 31st, the one day a year that was supposed to be celebratory. Once at Hogwarts, not all of his birthdays were completely terrible, since you know, people actually remembered them, but even the best ones were filled with some sense of doom and/or gloom. But of the seven birthdays readers got to celebrate with Harry, which was the worst? From merely not terrible to angsty to his life was in mortal danger, here’s all of Harry Potter’s birthdays ranked from best to worst. Happy Birthday, Harry...we guess?

  • [source: Netflix]

    Season six of Orange is the New Black is about to drop on Netflix and we’re itching to see what books they feature this season. (Last season really threw us for a loop, though. We’ll count ourselves lucky if we see a single person reading at Litchfield this season.) To celebrate the return of this roller coaster of emotions, we’ve solicited some help from our favorite fictional librarian: Taystee Jefferson.

  • Summer (hopefully!) means lazy days in the sunshine, relaxing with nothing to do but enjoying yourself…and getting sucked into some really great reading. While some may be lucky enough to do their summer reading on a beach, we’re big fans of opening a book in a hammock. Not only is this somewhere that you can really get into the lazy summer spirit, but you don’t have to get to a coastline (or deal with getting sand everywhere). Instead, all you have to do is lie back, relax…and immerse yourself into one of these incredible new offerings.

  • If you’re a fan of true crime, find a list of recommended true crime documentaries and books is just a google away. It’s a bit harder to find a list of solid fiction recommendations; books and tv shows that scratch that itch for shocking, twisty, and compelling crime drama. We at Quirk have you covered with pop culture that will keep your eyes glued to pages and screens long into the night. Shout-out to the murderinos out there – this one’s for you!


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