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  • It’s World Asteroid Day, and we here at Quirk were wondering what the big deal is with asteroids. Sure, you can read about what people will do when faced with imminent asteroid impact, like in Ben H. Winter’s The Last Policeman. But what about the asteroids themselves? We were able to get an exclusive interview with Asteroid 243 Toutatis to talk about its hopes, dreams, and future.

  • Ah, Instagram. A great place to share what you’re up to, what you’re into, and how it’s all going. But how do you capture a decidedly in-person experience like reading on the small, captioned, and hashtagged screen? First, some general Instagram tips:

  • The Last Policeman by Ben H. Winters only $3.99

  • For some authors, it's not enough to create a great character. They have to take it to the next level allow their creations to hop the border from book to book. These easter eggs fill us with uncontainable excitement. There’s nothing like discovering a beloved character in a totally unrelated novel. The result is an intricate web we are more-than-thrilled to dissect.

    We’ve rounded up a handful of author magicians who love to revive their characters in totally new books. We can’t blame them for not wanting to let them go.

  • A good villain is more than an oxymoron - they can also easily overshadow a bland hero. Is there anyone who actually prefers Thor to Loki? What would Harry have done all year if not for Voldemort’s nefarious plans? Actually study? And if the sea witch hadn’t granted her wish, the Little Mermaid never would have learned a valuable lesson in not changing yourself for the first man who smiles at you. Villains, for all their scheming and plotting, can be a lot of fun. We've collected a smorgasbord of deliciously devilish evildoers who couldn’t tell the truth if their lives depended on it. 

  • Working in publishing, sometimes it can be really easy to lose all concept of time. All around the office, you can spot books that aren't set to come out for another, oh, six months or so. This is a common scene around the HQ:

    "Did this come out yet?"

    "No Eric, that book isn't out for another year."

    "What about this one?"

    "That book comes out today... did you have your coffee yet?!" 

    And you know what? I'd like to confuse you a little too. 


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