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  • Dumplin’ premiered on Netflix this week (and select theaters – squee!) and we are very very excited. Mostly because of Bo Larson. Oh, you don’t know about Bo Larson? We know Peter Kavinsky (and his real-life counterpart Noah Centineo) stole everyone’s heart this summer, but just you wait!

  • We’re celebrating the release of Creed II and Michael Bae Jordan by daydreaming about the literary roles he might one day take on. Sure, we’ve been bookishly sated by Michael B. Jordan before. He featured in that unfortunate adaptation of Fahrenheit 451. And he starred in seasons four and five of Friday Night Lights. (Clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose.) But today, we’re talking dream roles. And we cannot wait to share those with you.

  • November is a bit of a down month. Summer is long gone, the fun of Halloween is over, Christmas is still too far away to get excited about, it’s probably raining outside, and suddenly, it’s getting dark before you even leave work. It’s no wonder that this is a bit of a gray, grumpy month and that all we want to do is stay at home with a good book and a giant mug of tea (or wine). Whether you just have the November blues or you are dealing with something else that’s got you down (a bad breakup, a lost job, or just a day where everything has gone wrong from the moment your feet hit the floor), these books are guaranteed to make you feel just a little bit better about life.

  • The People’s Choice Awards happened this past Sunday and we know what you’re thinking. The People’s What? The (ahem) E! People’s Choice Awards honors contributions to pop culture and winners are entirely decided by the general public. It’s like Dancing With The Stars, but for everything. Which got us thinking: what would the People’s Choice Awards look like if they were all about books? Y’all are about to find out!


  • [source: Wiki Commons]

    There are a few things to consider when bringing people together in any kind of group. First and foremost, there’s the question of whether they’ll get along — whether their personalities will complement each other. When it comes to book clubs, it’s also important that members are reliable: they’ll read their books, follow the rules, and contribute meaningfully. What would our literary dream team look like, then? This ultimate book club must comprise people who will keep things fun and fresh, who will always be on time, contribute food and wine, and most importantly: actually read the book.

    Here are five people who would make a boss book club, and (probably) not harm or hex each other.


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