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  • Here’s a simple, tasty casserole that starts easily and ends beautifully. Just combine hearty boiled potatoes and sweet slices of apples with sautéed onions and sausages in a skillet coated with Irish butter for a homemade meal that's comfort in a dish. The exceptionally creamy flavor of rich, Irish butter makes a wonderful base for this rustic, stovetop-to-oven meal, and the topping is perfected with crunchy bacon bits. This homey combination of flavors makes a great entrée or side dish for any meal, any day of the week.

  • This dish starts out with a little of everything, but sums up to a big, huge entree with layers of flavors and generous portions. Twirl your chopsticks through the silky, glass-like thin noodles which serve as the bed for the savory Asian-flavored pork meatballs, zesty beef slices, crisp vegetables all held together by the irresistible sauce.

  • The beauty of this dish is that there are many different, easy ways to do this. And there’s various ways to serve it, as starters, sides, or an entrée.

    Any way you choose, the tender soy sauce-lemon based beef strips set off a fiery kick when you dunk it into the peanut sauce that’s sweet, salty and spicy all at once. Serve this skewered beef specials sizzling hot, with chilled wine, a tangy slaw and everyone will surely stick around for an enjoyable feast.


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