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  • So fashion! Wow. Such style! Very haute! Amaze.

    Here at the Quirk HQ, we love the hilarious, grammatical disaster that is the "doge" meme. And by we, I mean myself, editorial assistant Blair Thornburgh, and frequent Quirk blogger Brian Morrell. True story, Brian's favorite doges in literature post is a treasured piece of writing that is referenced weekly via Gchat. 

    This April, Quirk is proud to be publishing Haute Dogs by Russell van Kraayyenburg. Full of fancy and appropriately "haute" hot dog recipes, it's just a great cookbook packed with amazing recipes and beautiful food photography. And we'd like to give you a chance to win a copy, in the silliest way possible.

    We'd like you to Photoshop your own Haute Doge, and send it over to us here at Quirk! Take the wonderful doge we all know and love, and make that puppy look as fashionable and hip as possible. You can email us your hilarious image (to or tweet it to @QuirkBooks. We'll pick our five favorites on March 10th, post them here on the blog, and send you an early copy of Haute Dogs

    Note: You can grab the original photo over at Know Your Meme

    Good luck! Be amaze! 

  • The Super Bowl may be America’s greatest unofficial holiday. An entire day devoted to eating, drinking, and watching TV with friends and family. Could there be a more American day?

    Super Bowl Sunday is the largest food consumption event of the year, trailing only Thanksgiving. It’s so treasured that over 130 million Americans will spend over $55 million dollars on food for the Super Bowl. That’s a lotta chips and guacamole, as in over 15,000 tons of chips and 50 millions pounds of avocadoes.

    A good Super Bowl party will have chips and guacamole. A great Super Bowl party will have several chips ‘n dips. One of them should be this Spicy Black Bean Dip. Here’s why: It’s simple to make. It’s vegetarian, which means you can eat more of it while still feeling virtuous. And most importantly, it’s chunky, making it supremely scoop-able with chips.

  • Happy Thanksgiving from your pals at Quirk Books.

  • Today is World Vegetarian Day. Like many vegetarians (I suppose), I don't often think about the fact that I've given up eating meat. After a while, what was once a life-altering decision becomes second anything that you do every day, opting out of meat-eating is just one blip in the background noise of your life. So this day is an opportunity for those of us who are vegetarians to revisit that choice, and reconnect with whatever motivations put us on the path to a meat-free lifestyle.


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