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  • It's National Ice Cream Month! It's also July, and it's also very, very hot. And while we love all the regular kinds of ice cream just fine (you can pry Chubby Hubby from our still-warm, heatstroke-dead hands), we wondered what would happen if worlds collided and books became ice cream (not literally, though, because that would be gross). Get your hybrid freezer/bookshelves ready, because here are six tasty samples!

  • Taking photos of food is easy! Especially compared to photographing people. Food doesn't talk back or move around. It just sits there looking delicious, waiting for you to find its best angle. Food never complains that you are making it look fat or ugly, and it never insists that you play death metal during the photo shoot.

    Don't let all those gorgeous shots in cookbooks and on the internet intimidate you! Here are some tips to making successful food photos, whether you're cozy at home or out at a restaurant, street fair, luau, or anywhere with good food.

  • One of my favorite Philadelphia traditions is held during the Bastille Day festival when a drag portrayal of Marie Antoinette stands high atop Eastern State Penitentiary throwing TastyKakes and saying, "Let them eat cake."

    Now for those of you I haven't completely lost due to maximum Philadelphia reference saturation level or historical inaccuracy (blah blah blah, 'Let them eat cake has been accreddited to many high ranking women before Marie Antoinette, blah blah blah), there are plenty of ways to celebrate Bastille day without leaving an air conditioned space.

  • (Image via Flickr)

    Forget love: doughnuts are the international language. And they should be celebrated! Though a holiday like “National Doughnut Day” generally implies we should only care about American ones, when it comes to doughnuts, it’s all about spreading the love far and wide. And in turn, everyone else should also share their doughnuts with us on this, our joyous holiday. It’s only fair. If you went on a doughnut expedition (or pilgrimage, depending on your feelings) around the world, what would you see and eat? Here are some of the doughy morsels you shouldn’t miss. 

    The Good ol' USA: Since the National Doughnut Day thing started in the USA, we should start our tour there! Head into grocery stores or actual doughnut shops to taste the wonderful fried dough in varying shapes, sizes and flavors. I personally like plain hole-in-the-middle doughnuts with plain glaze, but maybe you're the type that doesn't want holes in their pastries and prefers them to be creme-filled.

    Or maybe you like bite-sized and powdered. Heck, maybe you want them chocolate-flavored with extra chocolate icing and sprinkles. Whatever your preference is, you'll find it somewhere. And you must, because, as Krispy Kreme says, you (the consumer) are "the center of the doughnut." You fill in that void. (d'aww) Feeling extra adventurous? Try a Luther Burger (that's a burger with doughnuts for buns, for the uninitatied and hungry).

  • Warm, spicy, and rarely sweet—even when it’s made with sweet ingredients—chutney is altogether satisfying as a condiment but versatile enough to be used on proteins or even a cheese plate. Delicate hibiscus flowers pair well with blackberries, and they are typically in season around the same time.


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