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  • Yesterday we told you how much we love mini-comics (a lot) and why they’re so awesome (too many reasons to fit inside these parentheses).

  • Superheroics are more than just jumping around rooftops and punching spandex baddies right in the mush – sometimes it requires education! Here’s a short list of just some of the superheroes who’ve made crimefighting a sideline to their teaching careers, or made their teaching career essential to their crimefighting!

    Lady Fairplay
    Created by:
    Jack Ryan
    Debuted in: Bang-Up Comics vol.1  #1 (Progressive, 1941)


    Cosplaying is the best. So why can't fictional characters join in the fun, too? Read on for characters and their preferred cosplays. 

  • It’s Bat Appreciation Day today, and what better time to celebrate America’s favorite bat-like costumed crimefighter, Batman! What makes Batman so appealing? What is it that keeps him forever in the justice-seeking hearts of millions of fans world-wide? Well, your individual bat-mileage may vary, but here are just a few things that keep Batman at the top of the belfry…

  • Illustration by Christina "Steenz" Stewart

    When people consider the early history of comics, a few names spring immediately to mind – Stan Lee, Jack Kirby, Bob Kane, Steve Ditko, and newspaper cartoonists like Charles Addams and Charles Schultz. Rarely do you hear about the women who paved the way for modern comics, especially not the women of color who created pioneering comic strips. One such voice is Jackie Ormes, the first black female syndicated newspaper cartoonist, who created dynamic characters that rejected the negative stereotypes that permeated depictions of black women at the time.

  • Happy birthday Dr. Seuss! Let's commemorate the birthday of Theodore Seuss Geisel, a.k.a. Dr. Seuss, by answering the greatest question ever posed in all of literature.


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