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  • Marvel’s Agent Carter has got us right by the heartstrings, which for us means one thing: trying to guess what each of the characters we love (or love to hate) would be reading! What would you find on their bookshelves, night stands, or tucked away in a handbag next to a pistol and sleep-inducing lipstick? Here are our best recommendations:

  • After six seasons of watching the Crawley family navigate the trials and tribulations, it is time to bid them a fond farewell. And since many of the actors have managed to capture the hearts of the American public, some are already appearing in new shows. Most recently, former cast member Dan Stevens (Matthew Crawley) will be starring in the X-Men spin off show Legion, as professor Xavier’s son, David. With that information, we started to wonder what other characters would be wandering the halls of Downton if they were all X-Men.

  • Do our given names affect who we become? Take into consideration, athlete Usain Bolt or music industry's Bob Rock. This coincidence when a name matches a trait or job is known as an aptronym. A simple look at pop culture will show many characters whose destinies are written in their names.

  • It wasn’t long ago that the Deadpool movie was D.O.A. After a horrible adaptation of the character in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, it seemed that Fox films had given up on the idea of utilizing Deadpool in another film ever again. Fortunately for the world at large, director Tim Miller and the fans never gave up on the merc with a mouth.

    After leaked test footage for a Deadpool movie hit the web last year, a frenzy broke out and Fox could no longer ignore the powerful mutant they had allowed to languish in their property backlog. A film was pushed into production starring the original actor who brought Wade Wilson to life in all his glory, Ryan Reynolds. With all of this in mind, we at Quirk are wondering, who's next after Deadpool? 

  • We at Quirk Books care about Deadpool's literary tastes. He might not be the most self-centered but he does like to see himself in what he reads. Off-center moral compass? Dancing along the fourth wall? Brilliant, meta, snarky, and never boring? That sounds about right.

    If you’re feeling a little irreverent, a little violent, and just keep expecting life to keep kicking your ass, you might need some Deadpool distraction. His top seven reads right now…

  • \

    As fans of Alan Moore and Kevin O’Neill’s comic book The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen know, a tale about Victorian era characters banding together to fight evil is one of the most brilliant ideas ever. Not such a great idea was the 2003 Film adaptation directed by Stephen Norrington and starring Sean Connery. The film took some wild departures from the source material and was plagued with all manner of on-set drama. Recently, Fox Studios has announced a reboot of the franchise in which Mina Harker will be the lead character instead of Alan Quatermain. Never to let a good dream cast pass us by, here's who we'd like to see fill the iconic roles this time around. 


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