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  • (c) Kim Min Ji

    While we wait in anticipation for The Little Prince to come out on Netflix, we've realized that many of life's conundrums and complications can be resolved through the wisdom of the book. It's always that way, isn't it? The greatest bits of advice and information are tucked away in the classics, where we sometimes forget to look. 

  • Happy Birthday, Herman Melville! We're grateful you wrote your magnum opus, Moby Dick, because it not only has given us a deeper understanding of man’s struggle with God, but it has provided the inspiration for a lot of cool swag. And call us Ishmael if this swag isn't awesome.

  • Beatrix Potter’s birthday is definitely a day worth celebrating. She was such a cool lady—a scientific naturalist as well as a children’s book author—and her drawings were both realistic and expressive.

    As kids, Peter Rabbit was a favorite for many of us. But there was always something that bothered us: all that food Peter Rabbit turned down in order to risk his life for lettuces, French beans, and radishes. French beans and radishes! Come on, those aren’t even the good vegetables! They’re not worth risking your life for.

    Let's go back through the story and see how many easily accessible food opportunities Peter Rabbit missed.

  • Happy birthday week, E.B. White! While we enjoy your general writing advice, what we really love are your children’s books. In honor of them, we are listing the best anthropomorphic animals in children’s books. We apologize to Stuart Little for not making the cut. As city dwellers, we think he looks too close to a rat for comfort.


    Peter Rabbit from The Tale of Peter Rabbit by Beatrix Potter

  • It’s the birthday of Frank L. Baum, and what better way to commemorate The Wizard of Oz author than to imagine ourselves in Oz, ruby-slippers and all?

    And for those of you who have done more than watch the Judy Garland movie by reading the books, you know the Land of Oz gets way weirder than a bunch of munchkins and a city where everything is green. If you want to experience the real, gritty, Technicolor Oz, here are some destination spots that are off the beaten, yellow-brick-road.


    The Country of the Quadlings


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