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Pineapple Chili Pork BBQ Skewers

When the heat is on, what could be better than firing up the grill and making these perfect and pretty Pineapple Chili Pork BBQ Skewers?

There’s nothing like an all-time char-grilled favorite. You can make the marinade ahead, soak the pork pieces and let the sweet, spicy, tangy, succulent flavors set. Then skewer and let the grill do the work for you. Don’t forget to chill the drinks, call for company to join you, then just laze around and indulge in these BBQ bits. Stay cool and serve these with cold salads and chilled desserts.

Posted by Elizabeth Ann Quirino

Bacon-Wrapped Steaks: Make Your Inner Ron Swanson Proud

Sometimes you just have to indulge yourself and make your inner Ron Swanson proud.

And if you aren't able to handle Turf and Turf, why not have a single great big juicy steak, cooked medium rare, wrapped in crisp, bacon slices? You should do it. Because you're a free American.

Bacon-Wrapped Steaks


1 pound sirloin steaks (about 2 large pieces)
1 tablespoon Lea & Perrins Worcestershire sauce
1 teaspoon garlic powder
1 teaspoon salt

Posted by Elizabeth Ann Quirino