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Geek Wisdom for $3.99! 


You're in luck, young Padawans. For this month only, you can own a copy of Geek Wisdom edited by Stephan H. Segal for only $3.99 on your eReader!

The geeks have inherited the earth. Computer nerds are our titans of industry; comic-book superheroes are our Hollywood idols; the Internet is our night on the town. Clearly, geeks know something about life in the 21st century that other folks don't -- something we all can learn from.

Geek Wisdom offers as gospel some 200 of the most powerful and oft-cited quotes from nerd culture:

• Movies: "If someone asks you if you are a god, you say yes!”
• Television: “Now we know -- and knowing is half the battle!”
• Literature: “DON’T PANIC”
• Comics: “With great power comes great responsibility.”
• Science: “Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.”
• Games: “All your base are belong to us.”

…and many, many more! These beloved pearls of modern-day culture have been painstakingly interpreted by a diverse team of hardcore nerds with their imaginations turned up to 11. Yes, this collection of mini-essays is by, for, and about geeks -- but it's just so surprisingly profound, the rest of us would have to be dorks not to read it. So say we all.

Stephen H. Segal is the Hugo Award winning senior contributing editor to Weird Tales, the world's oldest fantasy/sci-fi/horror magazine.

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Julie Leung

Julie Leung is the social media and marketing manager at Quirk Books—tweeting up storms and surfing blog waves. She is also the author of a forthcoming trilogy, Mice of the Round Table (out October 4th), and Mother of FictionToFashion.com. You can follow her at @jleungbooks or simply at @QuirkBooks, where she drops pithy word nuggets on the daily.