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"Turkniss Everdeen" by Brett C.

Nothing says Thanksgiving quite like a construction paper handprint fashioned into a turkey, right? So, in a fit of nostalgia and bookish enthusiasm, we gathered together some feathers, googly eyes, and glitter glue and crafted up fowl versions of our favorite book characters to decorate the Quirk lobby. Check it out!

"Edgar" by Rick C.

"Fitzwilliam Darcy" by Suzanne W.

"The Enchanted Broccoli Tofurkey: A Tribute to Mollie Katzen" by Kate

"Bridget Jones—Playboy Bunny" by Nicole (Not Constrained by Traditional Turkey Forms)

"Daisy (The Great Gatsby)" by Hanna

"Jurassic Turkey" by Jason

"Turkey Dick" by Rick C.

"A Million Little Turkeys" by Moneka

"The Painting—She's Come Undone" by Megan D.

"Grendel-turkey" by Blair T.

"Count Turkula" by Rick C.


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Blair Thornburgh

Blair Thornburgh is an editor at Quirk Books. A native Philadelphienne and apparent devotée of gendered demonyms, she makes a mean plate of scrambled eggs, a much friendlier cup of coffee, and would love to talk to you about (or in) multiple dead languages. Hwæt!