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It's here, you guys! It's finally here!

Tomorrow kicks off the first ever Hello Kitty Reading Day, a celebration of Hello Kitty's 40th anniversary and the great books published around her. A lot of other publishers are playing along, including Abrams, Penguin, Perfect Square, Priddy Books, Sourcebooks, and, of course, us! Brett dished out all the details in this post a few weeks ago

Want to join in the fun? Over on the Hello Kitty Reading Day website, you can find participating locations. If nothing is going on near you, don't worry! Today we're handing out this handy Hello Kitty Reading Day Event Kit, just for you

You can check it out embeded below, or download it off our Scribd page. There are plenty of fun activities you can enjoy at home. Check it out! 


Hello Kitty Reading Day: Event Kit by QuirkBooks