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Episode II in the William Shakespeare's Star Wars series, The Clone Army Attacketh, goes on sale on July 7th! To celebrate, author Ian Doescher will be releasing exclusive sonnets each week, dedicated to the new characters you'll encounter in this latest tale set in a clash-strewn galaxy far, far away.

Come swiftly, readers: ye shall soon behold
How evil is the dark side of the Force.
Recruiting now a second Sith, so bold,
Intent upon a cunning, wicked course.
Such is the villainy of Sidious
That he would take a former Jedi Knight,
O’ercoming him with words perfidious,
Perverting him and turning him from right.
Here, then: Count Dooku, second of the Sith,
E’en now as Darth Tyranus he is nam’d.
Read on, and see how he doth plot forthwith:
Lo, for th’Republic's fall he may be blam’d.
Ears, listen: ye shall meet this villain base,
Eyes, watch: ye shall behold his wretched face.


Ian Doescher's picture

Ian Doescher

IAN DOESCHER is the author of the William Shakespeare’s Star Wars series. He lives with his family in Portland, Oregon.