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[source: NBC]

56 years ago, on this very day, whatever higher power you believe in blessed us with Steve Carell: comedy legend,  Silver Fox™, and rising fashion icon. We love him for the goofiness and humanity that he has brought to many roles; Michael Scott, the 40-year-old virgin, and Gru. He is everyone’s dad, if your dad happened to have impeccable fashion sense. No pleated khakis and sneakers for this guy. Today, we explore 10 moments that will definitively prove that Steve Carell is a fashion icon on par with Rihanna, Princess Kate, and SJP.

[source: Esquire]

This was the outfit heard ‘round the world, and what sparked our own curiosity about Carell’s ascent to a fashion-great. Is this really the same guy who rocked a baggy suit for 7 seasons of The Office? Here, Carell sports a beautiful blue sweater layered over a denim collared shirt. His daring decision to pair it with an off-white pant is only enhanced by his choice of a leather sneaker. He sticks the landing with stylish, retro sunglasses, quaffed silver hair, and unbridled swagger.


[source: E! News]

You might think that there is nothing revolutionary or even particularly interesting about a black tux on the red carpet, but you’d be wrong. Carell feels effortless in this traditional ensemble, adding his signature circular frames and the perfect amount of scruff. Well done, Steve. *Awards Carell the Best Dressed on the Red Carpet for every awards show from now to forever*


[source: Best Celebrity Style]

Here we have another red carpet moment, this one from the BFI London Film Festival in 2014. While the last look was classic, Carell takes a risk here with this plaid sport jacket, layered on top of a blue sweater (an obvious staple!) and a white collared shirt. Paired with dark wash jeans and a simple black shoe, Carell dares to be seen for the fashion maven he is.


[source: Mundo DVD]

In this photo with 3 bona-fide cuties, we have eyes for no one but Carell (Channing who?). Carell sticks to what he knows: a tailored sport jacket with black pants and a black shoe, but switches it up with a blue polo underneath. A true innovator.


[source: Footwear News]

If you are a fan of outfit #1, you’ll swoon for this one too. Carell knows his sunglass-game is *100 emoji* so it was only a matter of time before he wore some to a premiere. These reflective shades paired with a perfectly tailored gray suit, tapered-toe dress shoes, and that signature Carell confidence. It’s a MOMENT, people!


[source: NBC]

Find someone who looks at you the way that Jimmy Fallon looks at Steve Carell. Carell does brings nothing but class to his late night appearances, wearing a black plaid suit and pairing it with a navy blue and white striped tie. There’s no such thing as a clashing pattern when you look this good.


[source: Daily Mail]

While it seems like this photo is from a few years ago (see: no gray scruff), it shows that Carell has always had an eye for fashion, even before he blossomed into a full blown icon. Here, we see ultimate casual-Carell, in a graphic pullover sweatshirt with jeans, a baseball cap, and the perfect aviators. Oh, and flowers. Are those for us? You shouldn’t have, Steve!


[source: Mid Range Nice]

Our buddy Steve does dressed-down right. This black polo with a white collar outfit is a sure winner. You know how Tan from Queer Eye is always talking about simple changes elevating (said in British accent) your look? Um, exhibit A! Tan would be proud.


[source: ABC]

This look is bookish professor meets mountain man. His blazer and striped polo feel polished, while the tan, lace-up boots give off more of a woodsy vibe. We never thought chunky boots would feel so fabulous.


[source: Hollywood Photo Archive]

Here we see Carell doing more press for Despicable Me 3 (Gru must have inspired him to up his fashion game!). He is sporting his new uniform: tailored sport coat layered over a polo with circular clear frames. Men, are you taking notes?


[source: NBC]

BONUS: We felt we would lose some of our journalistic integrity if we didn’t mention this moment from Carell’s fashion past. He worked this suit, even if it was made for women.

And with all those photos, we have undoubtedly convinced you of Carell’s rightful position amongst the fashion greats. And please, for the love of all that is good in the world, if there was a look we missed, you are obligated to share it with us on Twitter @quirkbooks!

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