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Pet That Cat ARC Giveaway


A fun and informative handbook for young readers on understanding and caring for our feline friends from the kid behind the popular Twitter account I’ve Pet That Cat!

Pet That Cat! A Handbook for Making Feline Friends is an illustrated guide to understanding, befriending, and caring for cats by Nigel Kidd and his mom, Rachel Braunigan. 
This cat companion to Pet That Dog! features:
    A guide to cat body language—what does it mean when your cat’s tail looks like a question mark or is puffed up?
    Helpful tips on how to safely interact with new feline friends. Hint: Let them approach first!
    Advice for adopting and caring for your own cat. Choose the perfect cat for you!
    Stories of cats throughout history and myth-busting facts—did you know every cat has a unique noseprint?
    A cat personality quiz and your very own Cat Tracker to record all the feline friends you meet!
This kid-friendly handbook pairs charming illustrations with an interactive format. With step-by-step guides, fascinating stories, and tips from cat experts and Nigel, Pet That Cat! is a must-have handbook for feline fans of all ages


Nigel Kidd is an twelve-year-old boy from Iowa. He loves cats and makes as many feline friends as he can. Nigel shares stories about feline friends he meets online and in real life on the Twitter and Instagram accounts I’ve Pet That Cat, the companion to the viral Twitter account I’ve Pet That Dog by his older brother Gideon. 

Rachel Braunigan is Nigel's mom. A social worker turned stay-at-home mom, she has four sons. Rachel assists Nigel with his project by taking pictures, and helping in the never-ending quest to pet more cats. She is the coauthor of Pet That Dog!, a guide to communicating with and caring for dogs.


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